Inspirational Instagram Story Animated Motivational Videos Page Update Launched

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A motivational instagram page has recently been updated with inspirational animated videos. Demic Story's recent video updates provide life tips and entertainment to its many followers.

Demic Story has recently updated its Instagram page to include animated motivational video stories. The social media page aims to provide inspirational content to its followers to help them maximize their potential and achieve the highest level of self-development

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The recently updated page has videos that seek to offer tips on how to make the best of daily life, and it covers a variety of topics. Some of the topics covered include relationships, exercise, anger management, and mental health.

As social media continues to be a tool that people use to influence the masses, Demic Story hopes that it can equip people with the tools they need to achieve all of their goals.

A lot of the content on social media usually makes people feel like they need to have more things. The page understands and seeks to encourage its followers to be the best version of themselves and not try to please everyone else.

In one of their videos, they aimed to highlight that everyone’s opinion doesn’t matter by illustrating the story of a man and his wife on a donkey. In the story, people were criticizing the man and his wife on how they should travel. Every time the couple listened to what people had to say and did what they suggested, there was even more criticism. Another lesson the video aimed to teach was that people will never be satisfied and will always find a fault. The best thing to do is to ensure that one is happy with the decisions one makes.

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Another video seeks to educate viewers on the consequences of not controlling anger. In the video, it illustrates that anger is one letter away from danger and also adds that where there is anger, there is underlying pain. If that pain is not dealt with sensibly, it can destroy everything if one continues to express it as anger.

In addition to motivational videos, the page also features entertaining videos. One of the videos gives insight into what it means when objects or events are dreamt about.

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