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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Innovative Bitcoin Alternative StableCoin Posts Strong Gains in Return

Innovative Bitcoin Alternative StableCoin Posts Strong Gains in Return

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When it was first introduced in June 2013, Stablecoin looked to be one of the most promising new digital currencies to hit the marketplace.

— Following a five month hiatus and a comprehensive mixing service makeover, the innovative crypto-coin now finally appears poised to fulfill its potential.

StableCoin has posted an impressive 300% increase in value over the past week since its developer Artos relaunched the currency. At the time of this writing, StableCoin is currently trading for $0.25 on digital currency exchange Cryptsy and is expected to soon open up at other exchanges. StableCoin features seamless wallet support for Windows and Mac users (with Ubuntu forthcoming), as well as a close-knit and ambitious community of developers and users that has coalesced around the product.

StableCoin places a game-changing premium on privacy. It features a revolutionary new mixing system that allows users to exchange payments in unprecedented anonymity. The military-grade encryption system works by fusing transaction addresses with 80 characters of random data within dedicated a mixing node located on anonymous network Tor. This master node is equipped to decrypt incoming transactions and create entirely new transactions using mixed funds, sending them to a second node where they are decrypted and broadcast without revealing the identities of the senders or recipients. The system represents a groundbreaking new advancement in user privacy that should position StableCoin at an advantage to less-secure competitors like Bitcoin.

StableCoin is both faster than Bitcoin and more stable than its competitors. StableCoin's developers underwent extensive network testing to arrive at the optimal block time speed of 60 seconds, enabling swift confirmations without the the orphan, forking and long-term stability issues of other fast coins. StableCoin sports a 25-coin reward block with regular difficulty recalculation, aiming at a total of 250 million coins in circulation at a reward-halving rate approximately every 3.7 years. This larger coin circulation will ensure that StableCoin is distributed more fairly and evenly than Bitcoin and other competitors. Further, StableCoin boasts the fairest scaling reward system in the business to avoid the disproportionate currency allocation that has plagued its predecessors.

The development team has also succeeded in addressing the other potential shortcomings of its previous product. StableCoin's prior incarnation had faced criticism for its pre-mining of 1.2 million coins to form the basis of its mixing system's pool. The developers have assuaged any fears of impropriety by publicly destroying the coins, as they are no longer necessary for the newly unveiled mixing system to function. In a market propagated by pre-mined pump and dump coins, StableCoin's transparency and accountability on this issue is rare and refreshing, lending credence to the developers' vision for this currency's present and future adoption.

StableCoin's team remain firmly focused on global horizons. Last week, StableCoin announced the kick-off to its multifaceted global awareness campaign, targeting China as the largest new entrant to the market. The development team sports strong ties to Shanghai from previous business partnerships, where it is expected to employ its culturally-sensitive experience in advancing StableCoin's profile and promise overseas. To support its adoption in Chinese exchanges, StableCoin recently unveiled its dedicated Chinese language site ( and release thread to extend a welcome hand and inform investors of the currency's benefits.

With its unique specifications and eager investor pool, StableCoin's upside should not be understated. As security and privacy concerns continue to grow in a time of elevated awareness, StableCoin is well-positioned to achieve widespread adoption in a multitude of markets, as well as enjoy the corresponding value accretion that will accompany its rise.

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