Industrial Gearbox Repair Conveyor Frame Maintenance Services Launched

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Matecs Trading South Africa, an industrial servicing company based in De Deur, South Africa, expanded its workshop and updated its services to provide on-site industrial equipment installation, repair and replacement services, as well as custom part manufacturing.

Matecs Trading South Africa, an industrial service company based in De Deur, South Africa, announced an updated range of services for manufacturing plants and other industrial clients looking for equipment installation, repair and maintenance services. With a new and upgraded workshop, the company now offers complete part manufacturing services for improved efficiency and convenience.

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Manufacturing plants in industries like construction materials, paper and pulp, technology development, and other facilities involving heavy equipment subjected to constant wear, need professional maintenance and repair to minimize the risks of failure and reduce the costs and downtimes associated with part replacement.

Matecs Trading South Africa is a professional industrial repair and maintenance company offering a wide range of services for manufacturing plants and small power plants looking to upgrade their parts, install new equipment, or repair existing machines.

The company has recently expanded its services to not only offer on-site equipment servicing, but also manufacture various parts. This is important as it increases operational efficiency, helping industrial clients reduce both the costs and the longer downtime associated with transporting various parts from third-party suppliers.

Industrial gearboxes come in various models, each of them suitable for different types of applications. Matecs Trading South Africa offers complete repair and servicing for manufacturing plants and power plants looking for assistance with their gearboxes. The company has extensive experience repairing and installing various types of gearboxes, including worm, planetary coaxial, coaxial helical, bevel helical and skew bevel models.

Conveyor belts and scrapers are essential for manufacturing plants, needing constant maintenance and supervision to ensure proper functioning. Matecs Trading South Africa offers complete conveyor belt and scraper installation and repair services. The company works with professional engineers and technicians to determine the individual needs of each company, thus ensuring adequate installation of each component.

The company also offers complete metal and bronze bearing fitting, fan servicing, as well as a variety of refurbishing and overhaul services.

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Address: 8th Rd, Walkers Fruit Farms SH, De Deur, South Africa,1961, Gauteng
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