Inactive and Part-time Agents can Park a Real Estate License in Ontario to cut Expenses

Ontario real estate agents can park their real estate license to avoid Brokerage costs, Board fees, CREA and OREA dues and cut expenses. Hundreds of RECO Registrants are keeping their license active while saving thousands of dollars.

— A movement has begun with real estate agents in the Province of Ontario Canada and it involves parking their real estate license allowing them to avoid the high fees associated with a real estate sales career. Hundreds of real estate career hopefuls sign up every year with the dream of a lucrative lifestyle selling properties whether residential or commercial. Hundreds more are leaving their careers because of many personal changes, some they never expected. Park a real estate license Brokerages now exist to service agents who have become inactive or low producers. Real estate agents who are thinking of quitting sales or placing their career on hold, now have a better option than letting a license lapse and then eventual termination. Ontario Agents are saving money while remaining inactive for long periods of time until they are ready to jump back into their career. Today, available to Ontario real estate agents are low-cost Ontario Brokerages. A real estate Brokerage that provides this hang/park real estate license service will be a non-board Brokerage Firm. Since the Brokerage is not a real estate board member the agents registered with this Brokerage will not be either. This means a savings of well over $1000.00 depending on the Ontario board.

New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage

This service also benefits the new real estate graduate who just successfully completed the OREA college program, an existing real estate agent with a valid registration with the real estate Council Ontario, and even an agent with a lapsed registration but hopefully can still reinstate it with RECO provided it is re-instated within the set time frame.

Most Real estate registration holding Brokerages still allow trading and a referral system. Ontario real estate agents can continue to trade in real estate or pass their business out for referral commissions. Real estate agents today that can take advantage of this service are part-timers or non selling real estate agents who experience situations like, maternity leave, sabbatical, accident or sickness, retirement, corporate opportunities in Ontario or Canada or outside of the country, or just taking a break from sales and all its related costs.

Hundreds of RECO Registrants are benefiting by continuing to earn commission by trading or referring sales and saving big money on fees and dues for services they no longer require. All this and still receiving strong support from their real estate Brokerage.

Benefits like:

- No board fees
- No desk fees
- No franchise fees
- No hidden fees or surprises- none at all.

Forget about transaction fees, and monthly fees.

Inactive and part-time Agents all across Ontario are parking their real estate license cutting back on their expenses and saving a lot of money.

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