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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / IdeaKloud’s New WordPress Notification Bar Enhances Conversions and Leads, Making SEO Obsolete

IdeaKloud’s New WordPress Notification Bar Enhances Conversions and Leads, Making SEO Obsolete

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IdeaKloud recently releases a new WordPress plugin that provides users an alternative to typical SEO techniques as it enhances conversions and leads using several in-built options for the user to pick at their discretion.

— There is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet right now. Its versatility, ease of use and efficiency attract impressive numbers of new users. The most loved feature of WordPress remains its ability to be constantly improved and upgraded through its plugin architecture. Thousands of WordPress plugins have been released until today, extending the abilities of the platform and answering the needs of different categories of users. To answer the needs of website owners who want to enhance conversions and leads, IdeaKloud has recently released a new plugin for WordPress websites: the WP SqueezeBar.

The main idea behind the creation of this plugin is giving more importance to conversions, instead of traffic and backlinks. Today, many website owners struggle to increase traffic through SEO and backlinks, but forget the original purpose of getting more traffic, and that is converting. Attracting users through SEO rarely transforms them into real customers. Therefore, increasing traffic does not necessarily mean increasing conversions. This is one aspect many website owners ignore. IdeaKloud’s notification plugin offers a solution to this problem. The plugin has the purpose of forcing users to take action and buy the product, instead of just boosting useless traffic or backlinks. Features of the plugins are listed at:

The developers of the plugin were inspired by the strategy used by search engines to grab the attention of users: a notification bar. The plugin basically solves the problem of the inactive, ad blind, jaded users by convincing them to take action, even if it is as simple as clicking a yes or no button. By developing wp squeezebar, IdeaKloud brings a simple solution for websites that attract traffic, but are not converting the way they should be. Mervik Haums, who handles the projects and ideas at IdeaKloud, faced the same problem of unsatisfying conversion rates himself before coming up with the concept of creating the SqueezeBar plugin.

WP SqueezeBar helps users create eye-catching, action taking wordpress notification bars for their websites. The bar can be used to attract visitors’ attention and make them click on affiliate offers, or subscribe. The bar has different options, including the display of social media share counts, an in-built subscription form and, of course, choice of color, shapes and styles. Furthermore, the plugin offers an A/B split test feature which helps users evaluate the efficiency of different notification bars.

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