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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / How To FIRE Says The FIRE Movement Is Still Going Strong During COVID-19 Pandemic

How To FIRE Says The FIRE Movement Is Still Going Strong During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Is the FIRE Movement (Financial Independence Retire Early) dead? How To FIRE team, Samantha and John Hawrylack, have expanded their blog to help consumers get through the COVID-19 pandemic with guides, resources, and other tools via their website.

— In an economy that is fairly unstable, it may seem like retirement is an impossibility for many millennials and Gen Z’ers. The recession of 2008 was the beginning of these generations’ financial struggles, and the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has continued to bring more problems to light.

How To FIRE blog is an official blog of the FIRE Movement. FIRE, which stands for Financial Independence Retire Early, is the ultimate goal of many individuals, especially blog founders Samantha Hawrylack and John Hawrylack. This twenty-something couple has been connecting with consumers for several years and has been increasing their efforts throughout the novel coronavirus outbreak.

By providing tips related to saving money, making money, and managing money (such as finding free internet, saving money on food, and finding the right investments for the future), the How To FIRE blog is helping consumers around the world through this difficult time. Primarily, they are encouraging consumers to continue moving forward with their investment and retirement goals.

In a time of financial difficulty and economic bailouts, many people have made the false assumption that the FIRE Movement is dying, and that it’s not going to be able to recover, even after the threat of the pandemic is reduced. But, just as with the recession of 2008, the FIRE movement continues to expand and explode, allowing consumers to find a way toward financial freedom effectively.

Co-Founder Sam Hawrylack shared her thoughts on how those following the FIRE movement can continue, even in financial uncertainty. She states, “It's all about how you stick to your financial plan, make adjustments, and pivot. One way to keep on track for FIRE is lowering your expenses through strategic means in your budget. (free internet, meal prep, cancel subscriptions, etc.).”

Their free internet post has become one of the most visited by consumers since the COVID-19 spread began due to millions of adults and children working and learning from home. This post shares resources as to how people can get connected with the correct agencies and companies so that their internet can be free. Hawrylack also shares her tips for safely using open Wi-Fi for various tasks. Lastly, it expresses just how essential internet access is for those who are looking to start side gigs and get investing so that they can reach the financial independence that they want so badly.

About How To FIRE
Founded by husband and wife duo Samantha Hawrylack and John Hawrylack, How To FIRE is a website focusing on helping people of all ages and backgrounds to find Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE). After paying down $60,000 in debt and reaching CoastFI by their mid-20’s, they wanted to help others find the same sort of freedom for themselves. For more information about the FIRE Movement and the How To FIRE initiative, media and consumers can go to their website,

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