How A Roof Restoration Transformed A Sunshine Coast Family Home

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A local Sunshine Coast family were shocked when they realized how much the value of their family home had increased after getting a simple roof restoration.

A local Sunshine Coast family has recently discovered some amazing benefits that have com from their recent Roof Restoration.

The Clarke family from Buderim on the Sunshine Coast made the decision in late 2020 to get a complete roof restoration on their family home. Their reasoning for this was that their old roof was overly dirty, covered in moss and lichen, had numerous missing or cracked tiles, and was also leaking in some areas which was causing moisture problems in their roof and wall cavities.

The father of the family, Tom, was able to give us some more details. “Yeah, the roof is quite old and it hasn’t been cleaned or maintained in a long time, the access is quite difficult and im not confident enough that i know what i’m doing, once the leaks started occurring we decided to get serious about this as we didn’t want this to turn into an even more expensive mess to clean up later on”.

Mr Clarke contacted a local roofing company – “Roof Restoration Sunshine Coast” – in late November 2020 to see what they could do for him and what they’d recommend. Company spokesperson Paul Reeves was happy to have a quick word to us about this project. “We got a call from Tom and it sounded like he’d need a full restoration, and when we attended onsite to provide a quote it was obvious this roof needed some attention badly, and we strongly recommended that he lets us restore the whole thing as the tiles were covered in overgrowth, there were missing and cracked tiles in multiple places, mortar missing everywhere which allows water and wind to get into the roof cavity, and not to mention that the roof tile colour had faded significantly over time, which make the house look very old and dated”.

A Roof Restoration typically involves pressure cleaning the tiles to remove lichen and moss, rebedding which is a process of removing old and missing mortar which hold the ridge caps in place, repointing in which all the ridge caps are pointed in flexible pointing, a rubberized compound, valley replacements which is where water runoff can occur, a primer spray coating and then 3 coats of paint which will not only protect your roof tiles but make your roof look great again.

Whilst the Clarke family initially decided on a roof restoration out of necessity, they’ve now realized it comes with an added bonus they hadn’t fully considered, a significant increase in their homes value! “Once Paul and his team had finished with our roof and we were able to have a look at it properly we couldn’t believe how much it changed the look of our house, i mean it’s an old house and not in the best shape but this restoration has completely change the image of it, it now looks much more modern, better maintained and it’s even had a few comments from some of the neighbors who might even be a bit jealous!” Tom went on to say “But the biggest thing is that our house valuation has now increased by much more than what we paid for the restoration, so we’ve actually made money out of this if we plan to sell, it’s a great feeling and i wish we’d done it sooner, and our water leakage issues have completely stopped now as well which is the main thing.”

Paul from Roof Restoration Sunshine Coast also had the same sentiments “We find people are able to get a basic roof restoration and then sell their house for much more than they originally expected, when their roof is looking brand new it can really change the image of the house and always add a lot of value to it and this is reflected in the prices people are happy to bid at auctions, its such a simple, easy and affordable way to increase their home value, a no brainer.”

Roof Restorations are a proven was to increase the lifespan of your home, whether it be your family home or an investment property and if they’re done properly they can last for decades more. If you’re in the Sunshine Coast area and would like to have a chat with Paul from Roof Restoration Sunshine Coast they can be contacted at their website –

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