Houston TX Mold Testing & Removal Services Site Launched

The Mold Removal Doctor has launched a new site for its mold testing, mold remediation and mold removal services, aimed at helping residents of Houston, Texas, keep their homes toxin and mold free.

A new site has been launched for Mold Removal Doctor, a site for its mold testing, mold remediation and mold removal services, helping residents of Houston, Texas, keep their homes health friendly and mold free. For more information about the mold removal service, visit the website:

Mold Removal Doctor in Houston can be messaged from the new website, or a phone number is available to call also, for quick and easy appointment setting, then a mold removal specialist will arrive at the clients home for testing and remediation or removal.

The new site also covers in detail information about mold, how it forms, where it’s likely to be found and the potential dangers to human health. The Mold Removal Doctor site also provides plenty of tips and practical advice on how to find mold if it’s suspected, and details the testing and removal procedure.

The Mold Removal Doctor says that, “Outdoors mold is not a threat to health, but once it spreads indoors it poses a real threat to people, particularly if it’s within close proximity to them for long periods of time”. If left unchecked, toxins from the mold can affect people who might ingest it, inhale it or come into direct contact with it, as it spreads to the air.

A potentially lethal form of mold to be wary of is black mold, which Mold Removal Doctor professionals will recognize immediately. The company says, on its website, that prolonged exposure to black mold can cause any of the following unexplained or sudden onset of symptoms: persistent exhaustion, unexplained physical discomfort, mental impairment, neurological issues, problems with eyesight, respiratory failure, organ damage, skin problems and others, and in extreme cases its even been known to be fatal.

The company says that constantly dark, damp and humid areas in the home are susceptible to mold formation, allowing it to thriver. Common areas that its mold removal experts will look are: under the kitchen sink, bathrooms, places where the plumbing pipes are installed, HVAC exhaust or unit, under the floorboards, wooden walls and or drywall, ceilings, basements and indoor flower boxes (especially wooden ones).

Once identified, Mold Removal Doctor professionals proceed to: contain the mold and spores; put up barriers to prevent further spread; employ the use of an effective air filtration system; and clean up, sanitize, deodorize and restore any items that are salvageable, to improve the environmental and air quality of a home, before it reaches unacceptable levels of toxicity.

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