Houston Casino Gaming Machine Recovery Server Room & Equipment Services Launched

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Robert Alexander of Commercial Property Salvage launched an updated range of casino gaming machine recovery services for casino owners. The company is now licensed to handle casino gaming losses due to natural or man-made perils.

Houston, Texas, insurance carrier and adjuster salvor Commercial Property Salvage announced the launch of an updated range of casino gaming machine recovery services for owners whose casino has been temporarily closed due to the perils of inclement weather. Robert Alexander of Commercial Property Salvage specializes in salvage buying of damaged commercial property losses, from Casino server room IT equipment to the casino floor room gaming equipment.

More information can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93-DQGiys1I.

Commercial Property Salvage is licensed to handle casino gaming losses due to flood waters, fire and other natural or man-made perils. The company provides insurance and self-insured’s recovery solutions for slot machines and gaming industry from within the lower 48 States.

The team at Commercial Property Salvage helps owners have their business structured to find gain from loss and net a good ROI from their investment in difficult times. They specialize in casino damaged electronics, including audio/video gear, security surveillance, servers, production, projectors, broadcast, video walls & displays, ATM , electronic gaming systems.

Commercial Property Salvage maximizes salvage recoveries for people in the gaming industry by providing a comprehensive salvage recovery program, adjuster support services and access to their auction marketplace. The company works either directly with insurance companies and their adjusters or self-insureds for gaming losses.

The team at Commercial Property Salvage help those in the gaming industry recover the damaged property value from severe weather losses, such as smoke, fire, flooding, snow, tornado or high winds. They are licensed to handle electronic gaming devices (EDG) including equipment from video gaming (VGM), all slot machines, as well as supporting equipment such as cash dispenser or token changers.

Although Commercial Property Salvage recovery services do not repair one’s gaming equipment, they do give owners fair money for the damaged assets and remove these from their premise at no added cost.

By working with Commercial Property Salvage to better manage the salvage disposition process, those in the gaming industry will be able to reduce their total loss ratio and increase recoveries.

In addition to casino gaming machine recovery services, another licensed specialty services of Commercial Property Salvage is medical equipment recycling industry in all the lower 48 States.

Robert Alexander said: “Our focus is with specialty niche market salvage deals where those bidding can make an offer and still have a good ROI. We’re looking for buyers to make offer or bid in their specialty niches. If you’re strong within an area and reasonably strong with other ares related to that niche, we have a high interest to showing you a salvage deal that we can work together on sharing the pie.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above-mentioned website or accessing https://twitter.com/SalvageBuyer.

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