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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Home Town Lawyers Reveals Important Facts About Finding Attorneys

Home Town Lawyers Reveals Important Facts About Finding Attorneys

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A degree alone isn't enough - lawyers' methods of approach must match the goals of clients, reports Home Town Lawyers.

— All lawyers have degrees, have passed the state Bar exam, and have licenses to practice, but that doesn't mean that they're all the same. Most people who seek attorneys will find that some are good fits for their needs, while others seem to be quite off base. This is because being a successful lawyer involves far more than raw credentials.

"Often, the choice of an attorney comes down to matters of personality and the lawyer's general approach to handling legal and other issues," said Joe Sanchez of Home Town Lawyers. "Some lawyers are very aggressive and are eager to move directly to the lawsuit phase, while others put more emphasis on negotiations that are meant to arrive at a suitable agreement without the need to go to court. It's a good idea for clients to find attorneys whose styles match their own personalities."

In some cases, these differences are made obvious by a law firm's advertising. Some will make their aggressive representation the centerpiece of their ads, while others will say something about reaching fair settlements. These phrases are guides as to which style a prospective client should expect. At other times, however, the public face presented by a law firm is staunch and professional, but gives no real clue as to the firm's general style.

"Prospective clients should make sure to ask about the firm's usual tactics and areas of focus if the company's materials aren't making these things clear," Sanchez said. "This will avert misunderstandings and disappointment."

Another important factor in legal representation is the location of the attorneys. "Many people have heard the phrase 'you need a Philadelphia lawyer,'" Sanchez noted. "But in reality, the best lawyer is one close to home. The laws in each state, and even in each county or city, are different from those in other places. That's why our site focuses on connecting people seeking attorneys with professionals who are in or near the clients' hometowns. This ensures that the lawyers have licenses in the right states and are familiar with all of the local laws."

Contrary to a popular misconception, a law degree does not entitle an attorney to practice just anywhere. Each state has its own Bar, and attorneys must pass the exam for each state they wish to practice in. This ensures that lawyers are up on state as well as federal laws.

"This doesn't mean that it's never a good idea to get an out of state lawyer," Sanchez added. "Someone with a legal issue involving a contract in a different state will often have to get an attorney in that state instead of their own. Location-specific attorney finder sites like ours make it easy to find legal help in whatever jurisdiction clients need to deal with."

About Home Town Lawyers:
Home Town Lawyers ( that makes it easy to find attorneys in specific geographic areas. The listed lawyers are also arranged according to the focus of their practices, so searchers find it simple to find the exact ones who can meet their needs.

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