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A new workout and fitness app has been launched by Chris Miller, a professional coach to Olympic gold medal winners. PrimalThenics helps users to achieve their fitness goals with on-demand workouts.

A new fitness coaching app has been launched by expert Chris Miller, who has many years of experience working with Olympians and athletes. He has combined his 20 years’ experience to design PrimalThenics, which is a new approach to life and fitness in one incorporated package.

More information can be found at: https://primalthenics.com/home

Whether customers are getting back into fitness or are already in good shape and want to achieve lofty goals, PrimalThenics has a solution to help. It is a wide-ranging platform filled with detailed workouts to help users improve their fitness.

Chris Miller has coached numerous Olympic gold medalists where their focus was on attaining gold at the highest level. Now his focus has shifted to each individual’s own version of “gold” in their quest for better shape.

Rather than creating another unsustainable fitness program that is hard to stick to, Chris wanted to design an app that supported ground-up fitness. It aims to act as a fundamental shift towards taking responsibility in life and pursuing better.

Users begin by selecting their fitness level, from “Beginner” through to “I Own It 45×30”. From there they can join a vibrant community and stay connected to people that are passionate about health and fitness. This support group can encourage users to achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

The full library of workouts is available on a 24/7 basis, with 5,500 minutes of workouts accessible on demand. This includes mobility-centered programs, beginner-friendly workouts, foundational work, and PrimalThenics Series 1, 2 and 3.

Fresh workouts are also added every week to prevent users from getting bored. The app has been specially designed for all walks of life and encourages users through every stage of their journey.

Chris states: “I’ll be showcasing how we tailor workouts, giving you access to training videos with Olympians, weekend warriors, ex-professional athletes, professionals – teachers, nurses, doctors, bloggers, CEOs, parents and everyday people like you and me.”

Full details of the new app launch can be found on the URL above.

Contact Info:
Name: Chris Miller
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Organization: PrimalThenics
Address: 71 Alderson Street, Alderley, Queensland 4051, Australia
Website: https://primalthenics.com/home

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