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Brightly colored durable resistance bands have been released by Physix Gear. The loop bands are designed to help maintain fitness levels for all individuals restricted to their homes.

The leading online provider of sport-and-wellness gear has released eco-friendly loop bands. While many people are restricted in their homes the company is focused on distributing this item to help them exercise more effectively.

For more information see https://www.physixgear.com/products/best-resistance-loop-bands-for-legs-set-of-4-home-fitness-exercise-bands-for-legs-crossfit-physical-therapy-pilates-yoga-rehab

The release of these versatile loop bands makes staying fit at home practical for individuals at any level of fitness. They help people keep their level of fitness during this COVID-19 pandemic.

These loop bands allow families to get a full-body workout in their homes. Stretching, strengthening and toning are all provided quickly through the use of these durable loop bands. They provide quick results for adults and children alike and are designed for any fitness level.

The resistance loop bands for legs are being offered in a set of 4. They come in an array of colors including pink, blue, purple and green and measure 10 inches x 2 inches and 12 inches x 2 inches.

They are designed for people who have very little time to work out. The loops achieve results in a fraction of the time as other modes of exercise. Fitness Bands are surprisingly simple & effective for anyone to use. Fitness may be maintained in as little as 15 minutes per day.

These strengthening loops are eco-friendly, durable TPR latex, compact and ready for muscle-toning routines. Routines include muscles in users’ thighs, arms, knees, ankles, chest, back, and neck.

Homebound individuals can break up the monotony of staying indoors with these eco-friendly loop bands. The durable design is suitable for any fitness level, and allows for both high-velocity or low methodical workouts, giving the best exercise lifting & flex benefits.

They make a perfect addition to mobility, powerlifting, home gym, and physical therapy. The comfortable elastic stretch bands can be used for legs, glutes, shoulders, hips, and arms and enhance all aspects of health.

The workout bands are delivered to the door and come with a free mini storage travel bag. They fit neatly in a purse, gym bag, or pocket. Tough fatigue resistant rubber material reduces repeat purchases of broken bands.

They are a great add on for enhanced results while doing leg conditioning, rotator cuff exercises, ankle pulls, toned jumps, CrossFit, p90x, yoga, pilates, and while stretching.

The release of these resistance bands comes with free downloads of the latest exercises for men and women. The downloads are videos that give guided simplicity for all levels. Physix Gear provides a money-back guarantee on all items.

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