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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Holiday Debt Sometimes Brings Greater Stress For Those Struggling Financially

Holiday Debt Sometimes Brings Greater Stress For Those Struggling Financially

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Bankruptcy is sometimes a viable option for those who cannot overcome their debt.

— 11/14/19 - With the holidays rapidly approaching, credit card debt is skyrocketing. The average shopper takes on over $1,500 in credit card debt during the holidays and many people admit to over-spending. Around ten percent of debtors say they will only be able to make the minimum payments on the credit card debt they owe. Sometimes, the debt becomes so massive individuals end up needing to hire a Bankruptcy attorney.

Around the holidays, people often become less inhibited in their spending habits and will end up splurging beyond their means. They do not think about the repercussions until the January bills start piling in. It is then those many Christmas purchases take their toll on a person's stress level.

Financial experts advise individuals to practice caution when making holiday purchases. Taking time to consider budgeting is important. Although the holiday season has become more commercial than ever before, time spent with loved ones making memories is much more important than purchasing the latest must-have gadget.

When debt becomes a problem, it is important individuals act right away. Contacting the creditors to determine if payment arrangements can be made is essential. When a debtor is facing the loss of their home, it is vital they get help from a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. These attorneys can often help homeowners to keep their homes from foreclosure and stop the collection activity.

Bankruptcy is a legal option for overcoming debt, but it should not be entered into lightly. Bankruptcy begins with first scheduling a consultation appointment with the attorney. The attorney will review the individual's financial records and help them determine which bankruptcy option will be a viable one. Those with mostly unsecured debts would be wise to seek Chapter 7 bankruptcy, while Chapter 13 is often the answer for homeowners who feel they are drowning in debt.

Although bankruptcy is not for everyone, it can ease the burdens debtors feel when their creditors are constantly calling or sending letters. Once the bankruptcy is in effect, letters of cease and desist are sent out to all creditors, demanding them to stop any and all collection activity. The cease and desist letters can also stop all foreclosure measures, giving homeowners time to be able to catch up with their payments in arrears.

The key to bankruptcy options is getting help early in the process. If debt piles up too much and collection activities have already begun, bankruptcy may not be as effective.

To avoid too much debt because of the holidays, gift experts recommend exploring homemade gift items and shopping early in the season. Taking advantage of Black Friday deals can also cut down on the expense the holidays bring. It is the experiences that will matter long after the memory of the gift has been forgotten.

Dealing sensibly with debt will help to ensure the holidays are fun and exciting rather than stressful. If the debt has become a true problem that cannot be overcome, there are legal options available to ensure a person's rights are protected. An attorney will work to ensure their client is able to pursue the best legal bankruptcy option so their debt can be taken care of in a timely manner, offering great stress-reduction.

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