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High Intellectual Organization Vietnam Introducing Systemised IQ Test Series

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The standardised IQ test has been made to classify the people on their inherent merit. People can go through the graphical problems for testing their skills.

— The organisation in Vietnam has come up with a grand IQ testing program. It has made people get a chance to measure their intelligent quotient. IQ or Intelligent Quotient is the parameter that determines the mental ability of a person. This can put a person in the category of intellectuals or layman.

To measure the intelligent quotient of a man, a set of questions has been prepared. They are a set of graphical problems at These problems help to assess the mental ability of the person. It has to be solved by the person at a fixed time. The results would speak about the intelligence that the person holds.

In the early twentieth century, the French government had decided to measure the IQ of children. It would help them to classify in extremely logical and normal children. Some test series was organized and the final results were collected and processed to get the results.

The earlier process had some disadvantages, which interrupted in giving the correct data. Later, in the year 1916, an American professor of psychology devised a total IQ test series. This could effectively interpret the score of the client. It was named as Standford Binet quiz.

The calculation adopted in this method is based on the average of a standard sample consisting of 100 outputs. This statistical calculation had some advantages. It gave satisfactory results which showed that a maximum number of the people had their IQs between 85 and 115. Only 4 per cent of the total population of the world belonged to two extremities. In them, 2 per cent gave above 130, and the other yielded below 70.

From the lower side, which yielded below 70 is considered a very low category. The score below 85 is taken to be low-category, and 85- 115 is an ordinary category. Those with a score above 115 are intelligent. Only one-tenth of every hundred people come out to be geniuses.

IQ score below 70 is considered to be a symptom of undeveloped minds. Scores between 50 and 70 are mild mental retardation. Below 50 to 35 is fixed as a moderate development of the mental state. People with results below 20 are severe cases.

There are various stages in extreme upperparts. The person with quotient above 145 is a genius. Those between 160 to 180 are highly genius. Towards the top is the highest intelligent quotient which peaks to 200.

It is not that a regular practice of IQ tests can bring high intellectual levels. As in the Flynn effect of the 20th century, it suggests that people are seen to increase their IQ level with time. IQ has various positive applications. It determines the efficiency and skill of a person. No two person does the same work at the same time. They have their point and added expertise in them.

IQ helps identify a person with better thinking ability, and it helps to appoint a person for a particular task. Though there are many factors like genes, milieu, heredity, and food habits that can influence a person, still there are no direct statements about it. The online test series helps determine the potentiality of a person and is much useful. Click to see more

About the company:
Alpha IQ Service Co. Ltd. is known to produce funny games and lists various members under the high intellectual organisation in Vietnam. Members are listed from IQ more than 160 to the lower side.

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