Hidden Cameras with built-in DVR’s From The Home Security Outlet Now Available on Amazon

14 January, 2015

Business owners, homeowners, security officials and anyone else looking for the latest in hidden camera technology can now shop confidently at the nation’s largest online retailer, 

The detailed product listings and features from The Home Security Outlet can be found here: The Home Security OutletHidden camera with DVR’s can now catch all the action and record it to its own internal recording system eliminating the need for external recording devices such as VCR’s or DVD recorders. Years ago, hidden cameras were cumbersome and difficult to use but now with this new DVR technology, a hidden camera can be up and recording in a matter of minutes.

Hidden cameras are available in everyday, ordinary items such as alarm clocks, mirrors, smoke detectors, exit signs, wall clocks and even a coat hook which boasts one of the smallest hidden cameras in the world.

There are many uses for hidden cameras at home or even at the workplace. They can be used as nanny cams for parents who want to make sure their children are being well-cared for by the babysitter or nanny.  Business owners who are concerned with employee theft or wrong-doers can use a hidden camera to watch their business when they are not around.

“Our hidden cameras are hand-made right here in the USA at the time the order is placed,” commented Bill Behr, the Owner of the Home Security Outlet. “The appliance is totally disassembled at our warehouse by our technicians where only the shell of the appliance remains. Then a tiny hidden camera and DVR is inserted into the unit and the device is reassembled to look and operate as it was originally intended.  Customers can trust the quality and reliability of our hidden cameras because they are USA-Made to the highest quality standards.

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the Amazon product listings, here: Hidden Cameras on Amazon. Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at:

About The Home Security Outlet: The Home Security Outlet is an online ecommerce store that specializes in affordable do-it-yourself security systems. The company provides solutions for home owners and business owners to protect their families deter criminal activity and provide peace of mind in an uncertain world.

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