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Herzog Wine Cellars Makes Experts From Beginners With New Wine Tasting Guide

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Herzog Wine Cellars are hosting a new wine tasting guide that will allow beginners and enthusiasts to hone their palette and get the best experience from great wines.

— For many, wine is a nice tasting drink to be enjoyed with dinner. However, there is a whole art not just to the creation of wine but to its enjoyment too, a ritualized taste experience that resembles the Japanese tea ceremony in its reverence and discipline, and committing to this process allows people to enjoy wine on a whole new dimension. For anyone in Ventura Country interested in finding out more about wine tasting, Herzog Wine Cellars are now offering a wine tasting guide that will teach people how to enjoy wine as never before.

Herzog’s head wine-maker Joe Hurliman has devised a series of top tips that will allow individuals to evaluate wine like a pro. The secret is to use all the available senses.

Joe recommends first looking at the wine against the light, with a napkin, tissue or white paper behind it to check its color for depth and clarity. Next, swirl the wine in the glass to oxygenate the tannins and activate the flavor, as well as freeing particles into the air within the top of the glass to be smelled.

Smelling the wine should begin away from the glass and move closer to fully appreciate the contrast as the scent intensifies. The key to all good wine tasting however is expectorating. Not, in fact, a spell from Harry Potter, expectorating means saturating all taste-buds by rolling the wine around the mouth to detect its texture, sweet, sour, salty, bitter and savory notes. Breathing in through the mouth over the top of the wine then out from the nose reveals new scents by aerating the particles.

A spokesperson for Herzog Wine Cellars explained, “All these processes allow people to evaluate their own individual experience of a wine, and all these processes allow people to evaluate their own individual experience of a wine, and like all good things it gets better with practice. The palette will begin to attune to the experience and the brain will make better sense of all the stimulation coming its way once they have been separated like this. By following this process, beginners can become experts, and explore and discover all the great things layered into a Herzog wine.”

About Herzog Wine Cellars:
Nestled within the strawberry fields and farm rows of Oxnard, California is Herzog Wine Cellars. Under the eye of head winemaker Joe Hurliman, the winery combines the artisan craft of premium California winemaking with the Herzog family’s commitment to excellence. Only the best fruits are harvested and brought to the winery. From here, Joe Hurliman searches out inspiring blends of aroma, flavors and colors, refined by the winery into masterful creations to be enjoyed across the globe.

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