Heavy Shift Reputation Offer Proactive Approach To Online Reputation Management

Heavy Shift Reputation make a powerful case for reputation management strategies being more essential than ever in today’s online environment, and have the expertize to make the difference.

— In the online world reputations can be made or broken with a single tweet. In such a high stakes environment going the extra mile for a customer can be seen by millions more potential customers, while badly handling a complaint can act as a self-generated smear campaign. It is no surprise then that more businesses than ever are looking to reputation management consultants to help them craft and maintain their online image. Heavy Shift Reputation is an online reputation management company that provide just such services, and explain using statistics the need for their services in the twenty first century market.

With 94% of internet users searching online before buying a product and a majority of readers analyzing reviews before investing in products, online image is essential to real world business success. After analyzing the ripple effect of social media, a negative review or comment on social media sites results in the loss of up to 30 customers.

Online reputation does not just apply to online businesses it is equally important to bricks and mortar based businesses. A high quality reputation management company such as Heavy Shift Reputation offers reputational expertize together with a strategic approach to pro-actively cultivating a positive online presence while eliminating negative press in what is considered the next generation of Search Engine Optimization.

A spokesperson for Heavy Shift Reputation explained, “The idea that one bad review could destroy a business would have seemed ludicrous in 1990, but in 2014 we see scandals and customer service gaffes going viral and having an impact far beyond the individual. These can tarnish a brand in thousands of minds for a long time- certainly long enough to change their buying habits. Being proactive in protecting reputation is a multi-pronged approach but it can pay huge dividends, with the same virality being used to generate good will and success instead of damage. We know how, and we’re willing to do it for you.”

About Heavy Shift Reputation:
Heavy Shift Reputation was founded in 2012 by Jerome Knyszewski and Justin Anderson experienced internet marketers that have over 15 years of active experience in the field, and decided to focus their expertise on managing online reputation. They have spoken at seminars and tradeshows and worked with clients ranging from celebrities to local businesses. They will offer an effective strategic approach to defining reputation online.

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Organization: Heavy Shift Reputation
Phone: 832.487.8770

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