Healthy Living Online Releases Breaking News About Weight Gain Pills

Healthy Living Online announces that CB-1 Weight Gainer by Supragenix Regular Strength Formula has been replaced and is no longer available.

— Healthy Living Online, the magazine that publishes the most up to date holistic diet and health news, has announced that the CB-1 Weight Gainer by Supragenix regular strength formula is no longer available. This high quality formula has been replaced with the new Maximum Strength formula. This new CB-1 Weight Gainer supplement is more than double the potency of the regular strength formula, yet still all natural and safe for use. All promotions and links have been replaced to reflect the Maximum Strength replacement and affiliates are encouraged to update advertisements.

The news from CB-1 Weight Gainer by Supragenix states, "There are exciting changes happening at CB-1 Weight Gainer by Supragenix! We recently released our new Maximum Strength formula that is more than double the potency of the regular strength and has replaced our BOGO promotions. Regular strength CB-1 is no longer available; all promotional links for our old offers have been removed and have been replaced by our hottest selling offers, so make sure to update your advertisements to ensure you stay on top!"

Healthy Living Online has found that the new CB-1 Weight Gainer new Maximum Strength formula has the highest efficacy for weight gain. Reports have been confirmed that double digit weight gain, within less than four weeks use of CB-1 Weight Gainer has been achieved. Further benefits of this weight gain formula include that it has all natural ingredients and there are no unpleasant side effects.

CB-1 Weight Gainer by Supragenix comes with complete support for athletes, weight lifters and others who want to gain weight. This support includes a comprehensive guide book that is included along with the supplements. This guide has valuable suggestions and information to help reach the healthiest and most effective weight gain goals. There is also a CB-1 Weight Gainer success program. No other weight gain tincture offers this type of program to assure that this level of support for those who hope to naturally and quickly gain weight.

CB-1 Weight Gainer by Supragenix offers significantly more benefits for those wishing to safely and naturally gain weight over any other weight gain formula such as Periactin. These benefits include all natural ingredients that are free from unpleasant and possibly dangerous side effects. Because of this, Healthy Living Online will continue to follow the success stories of those who have quickly gained weight, without unpleasant side effects, by using the CB-1 Weight Gainer Maximum Strength weight gain formula.

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