Health Optimizing Manila Clinic Launches New State of the Art Medical Services

31 August, 2018

Manila, PH: Philippines based Health Optimizing Manila (HOM) clinic announces the launch of their new state of the art services that make it one of the best operational clinics in Manila. The clinic can now cater to a whole range of challenging diseases and help people stay in control of their health.

The clinic now has 31 advanced technologies to identify the causative factors for a range of chronic and challenging diseases along with a plethora of complementary therapies to choose from that stimulate one’s body for self-healing and regulation. Packages offered include ones for Health Assessment, Treatment, Sports Enhancement, Slimming.

According to the President of HOM, AL Z. Banguilan, says: “We are happy & privileged to open & operate a clinic which leverages great technologies around the world and be able to use these for finding the true causative factors for an individual’s health challenges and to enable the body to trigger its self-regulating mechanism. There is no clinic like this in the Philippines and in Asia, and we are very proud to bring it to and for the Filipino people. We welcome also our Asian neighbors and friends to come to the Philippines and experience revolutionary, safe and effective ways to self-heal and rid your body of challenging health issues.”

The clinic has 3 trained doctors to provide the best recommendations for optimal health along with a nutritionist who can help provide the best nutritional plan for improved vitality. The first clinic in the Philippines and in Asia to offer these combined technologies and services, it also has a highly advanced thermography system to know more about one’s breast health.

The clinic provides its patients with a comprehensive medical assessment to figure out the underlying cause of their diseases, along with stimulating one’s self-regulating mechanisms specifically to help the body solve its problems. To learn more about HOM and its plans, contact them via their official email ID or their contact number.

Contact Info:
Name: Nicole
Phone: 7023556108
Organization: Health Optimizing Manila

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