H. Lebow Diamond Brokers Announces Sales Spike On Custom Engagement Ring Design For Valentine’s Day

26 January, 2015

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and there is no better time of the year for declarations of love than February 14th. As such, many men are already looking into the possibility of buying an Engagement Ring. Those who truly love their woman for who she is understand that the thoughtfulness of a custom ring will truly express the uniqueness of their love, but finding a great ring designer and manufacturer with affordable pricing can be tough. H. Lebow Diamond Brokers has been in the business for 50 years, and now has a custom ring making service that can combine beautiful jewels with unique craftsmanship to design the perfect ring for Valentine’s Day. Their custom design service is already seeing numerous orders from customers looking to make this Valentine’s day extra special.

H. Lebow Diamond Brokers is quality-focused, and Howard Lebow hand selects all jewels to ensure the best features possible on all diamonds. Having been in the industry for 50 years, Howard specializes in timeless custom designed jewelry and can recognize trends and returning fashions.

Halo style rings as well as the tailored, timeless elegance of a sculpted, hand selected Solitaire are trending this year, and H Lebow Diamond Brokers are able to create custom rings that use classic materials like diamonds and gold together with cutting edge and high-fashion Precious Gemstones like Yellow Sapphire and Blue Zircon to create unforgettable and unique rings in time for Valentine’s Day.

A spokesperson for H. Lebow Diamond Brokers explained, “We have been in the diamond industry for nearly fifty years now, and we know the adage ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ rings true, especially when it comes to Engagement Rings. We have seen lots of trends come and go, which allows us to be both innovative and timeless, elevating the rings we design out of the passing fads so that they will still be a treasure thirty years down the line. We are already getting many commissions all for Valentine’s Day so we would urge people to contact us now if they are looking for a timeless classic as an Engagement Ring.”

About H. Lebow Diamond Brokers: H. Lebow Diamond Brokers is a Cincinnati-based, family-owned Diamond Brokerage firm with a legacy spanning back over a century. H. Lebow Diamond Brokers operates as a low overhead Diamond and Jewelry Merchant offering superior products at affordable prices. Howard Lebow has 50 years of experience in the fine jewelry market and knows how to provide a welcoming, comfortable, and most importantly an enjoyable customer experience. H. Lebow Diamond Brokers specializes in providing hand-selected fine diamonds and gemstones that can be customized to create the perfect engagement ring, pendant, or other jewelry piece that is sure to turn heads.

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