GVL 3 Reviews Diet FLD AKA The Fat Loss Factor Created By Dr Charles Livingstone

GVL 3 has published its newest review of The Fat Loss Factor to give potential users an independent assessment of the product’s value and effectiveness.

— The weight loss industry brings in billions of dollars every year thanks to an obesity epidemic that has led to weight loss being at the forefront of the public consciousness for both aesthetic and health reasons. Many people want to know what the best solution to effective dieting is, especially when there are so many choices out there. GVL 3 is an independent review of these fitness and weight loss products and helps users establish which of the many available techniques will be best for them to effectively and permanently change their body shape. Their latest review is of The Fat Loss Factor.

The review ( explains that the product was created by two practicing doctors who are specialists in nutrition and health promotion and was designed to create the ultimate solution. The review then describes what materials are included in the product, how they are used and how effective they have proven for existing users.

The review also encourages users to look at the social media groups for the product ( to get a better idea of how people view the product after using it. The review also has video testimonials and reviews and high quality images of before and after shots to help people decide.

A spokesperson for GVL 3 explained, “The Fat Loss Factor is has an almost military level of prescriptive detail and this is ideal for those who want to remove choice (and therefore temptation) and submit themselves to a weight loss plan that is guaranteed to work. The Fat Loss Factor uses exercise as an intrinsic part of its method, ensuring individuals increase in their fitness and vitality while decreasing in weight, and does not give anyone the chance to cheat by providing software solutions even for those who are out and about to identify healthy restaurant choices.”

About GVL 3:
GVL is a product review and editorial based website that if focused on providing independent assessment and endorsement of premiuml fitness and nutritional products and supplements. The site regularly updates with new articles on the latest trends of hot new emergences. Their reviews are already trusted and relied upon by thousands of visitors every month.

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