Guided Meditation Techniques for Beginners Common Challenges Report Launched

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Online platform launched a new report on the challenges beginners face when starting meditation. The most common challenges include the misconception that one has to get rid of all thoughts, the inability to find a comfortable position and the inability to fight being sleepy., an online platform dedicated to mindfulness approaches to health and wellbeing, launched a new report about the benefits of daily meditation and various challenges that many people face when starting to meditate. The platform aims to teach individuals how to incorporate mindfulness practices into their life, to reduce stress and improve their personal and professional life.

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According to the report, a common challenge that people face when they try meditation for the first time is that they are unable to clear their mind and remove all thoughts. However, this is a false problem as meditation is not aimed at removing all thoughts from the mind. Instead, meditation aims to enable people to observe their thoughts, even focus on them, without responding to them emotionally.

Another challenge refers to the failure to find a comfortable position when trying meditation. In order to deal with this issue, advises to keep in mind that many beginners are facing the same issue. Also, it is important for beginners to experiment and find the right and comfortable position for themselves.

Finally, many beginners seem to be unable to fight being sleepy. For this issue, the report recommends trying to change the time of the day when they usually practice meditation or changing the position. A posture that is as upright as possible can improve alertness and the overall mediation practice.

According to, “Meditation sounds simple and easy to follow. But it still takes practice to master it. The key here is to have self-compassion. Being too hard on yourself if you fail to do it right the first time around can only lead to frustration and eventually giving up on the practice. Give yourself a break and don’t expect perfection without giving it the proper time. You’ll get there, eventually. All you need is a little bit of time.”

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