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GrowthMachines Announce Launch of Business Growth System

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The newly launched Business Growth System offered by is a UK based tech startup that enables businesses to generate new leads and customers using an AI-powered Business Growth System

— The world is changing, and it's changing fast. With almost daily breakthroughs in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, workplace automation is approaching faster than most people can imagine - and it's bringing employment disruption with it.

Examples of this can already be seen in almost every industry. From law firm, Baker & Hostetler, hiring IBM's A.I powered lawyer, named ROSS. To Domino's pizza trialing delivery robots. Then there are Uber testing self-driving cars for their on-demand taxi service and Amazon testing delivery drones. Tesla motor cars are primarily built by A.I powered robotics. And the list goes on.

"With the above information in mind, it is clear that there will there will be fewer jobs for us humans, and furthermore, there is a mountain of data that suggests we will also be living longer than ever before due to advancements in medicine and health-tech," stated David Hockley.

So if there are going to be fewer jobs than ever before, and people will be living longer than ever before, we believe the number of new businesses being launched will increase at an exponential rate (unless of course, the entire world decides to live in some kind of Utopia on a Universal Basic Income program - but that's a topic for another day).

But here's the problem...

Most new businesses start out as the founder's dream of following a passion, solving a problem or making something they believe the world wants and needs. And in return, they hope to be monetarily rewarded for this value creation so they can build a better life for themselves and their family.

But it is well known that starting a business is hard. In fact, it's so hard that over 50% of new businesses fail in the first year, and one of the top reasons entrepreneurs give as to why their business failed is they couldn't make enough sales.

And worse still, the businesses that do survive can often cause more heartache than the ones that failed. The founder likely started the business so he could have more freedom, more time with his loved ones, and so he could make more money to enjoy his new life.

But the reality for most small business owners is just about the exact opposite. The owner works harder than they would in a 9-5, they often make less money, too. They spend all day running their business, then they often spend all night doing marketing, trying to find new leads, and sending quotes and proposals etc.

David Hockley, Founder & CEO or GrowthMachines comments, "At GrowthMachines, our mission is to turn the fast-approaching threat of employment disruption caused by A.I-driven workplace automation, into the biggest opportunity the world has ever seen by leveraging that very same technology to empower and enable anyone to start or grow their own business with the use of Adtech and Sales Tech."

"The goal is for our Business Growth System to give existing and would-be business owners back the 20 hours per week that they are spending on marketing and looking for new customers, so they can focus their time on running their business, sharing their gift with the world and doing the things they love - all without worrying about where their next customer (and paycheck) is going to come from." continued Hockley.

ABOUT GROWTHMACHINES is the London, UK based tech startup that plans to enable anyone to start or grow their own business by using an Artificial Intelligence powered Business Growth System. The revolutionary software platform offers advanced sales and marketing automation that enables business owners and sales teams to automate lead generation and sales cycle progression for their business. And not only does the system help generate more customers, it can also increase average order values, repeat purchases, and can totally eliminate advertising costs. Additional information about the services offered can be found on the company's website.

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Organization: GrowthMachines
Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU, UK
Phone: +442033897429

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