Granger Smith Consulting Launches SaaS BI Model To Assist Companies In Gaining Edge

Business intelligence solutions help companies gain competitive toe hold reports Granger Smith Consulting.

— The search for a competitive advantage in the dog-eat-dog world of business is ever encompassing, consuming the minds of many entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe. With that in mind, Granger Smith Consulting has launched a software as a service SaaS BI model to assist businesses of all sizes gain the competitive edge, says company spokesperson Simon Smith.

Smith states, "Businesses need to be making smarter, more timely decisions and despite the wealth of data available to businesses, decisions are still being made on intuition rather than fact." To that end, Granger Smith Consulting offers a wide range of services to help businesses wanting to reduce costs, reduce complexity, reduce risk and increase speed to market. Smith continues, saying, "Our consultants will help businesses develop easy to use and eye catching QlikView applications tailored to their business. We will help design dashboards which can be created to fit an existing company brand, ensuring a streamline approach to BI reporting."

Smith goes on to explain what makes his firm different from others in the marketplace, saying, "We know it’s important to challenge beliefs about the best practice for data delivery, design and management. Additionally, we understand that a traditional on-premises software solutions is not always the most suitable option for every business and that’s where our SaaS offer can help. We help businesses convert data into actionable intelligence in a more affordable way, without the need for installing software or hardware, and providing the ability to develop innovative QlikView SaaS apps in minutes."

The spokesperson goes on to say, "If a business is failing to identify and exploit unrecognized business opportunities, and is unable to anticipate and mitigate unidentified business risks, there's a need not being met. So many companies today are missing out on opportunities to cut cost, drive revenues and increase profits, and that's where we step in to help. Companies are now able to eliminate up front capital costs, increase security and confidentiality, and embrace big data with our SaaS BI model. They are reducing on-going costs and cutting out the business risk previously unavoidable."

Smith concludes saying, "Through our proven methodology, we work with companies to identify key business challenges that can be addressed through business intelligence and reporting tools. We then build a long-standing partnership with our clients to build and launch a portfolio of high-impact business intelligence applications to address these challenges."

About Granger Smith Consulting Ltd:
Granger Smith Consulting provides business intelligence solutions and a wide range of BI consulting services, from education, strategy and architecture to technical delivery in business information management. The company helps businesses drive profits and increase performance by using better information and reporting tools. They work with clients to identify key business challenges and address these by using the latest business intelligence and reporting tools.

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