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Grand Debut of Supersun Marks the Sure-win Mode in the Gambling Industry

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Supersun is a strong platform and quality partner

— Recently, Suncity Group and Supersun OTC confirmed a strong cooperation. So far, as the exclusive payment and settlement channel of Suncity Group, Supersun OTC has reached a close strategic cooperative relationship with Suncity Group.

Suncity Group is a comprehensive entertainment enterprise, covering VIP services, gambling, film, catering, finance, real estate, auction, automobile industry, luxury goods, tourism, concert, hotel management consultant and many other businesses.

At the same time, Supersun OTC has also reached in-depth cooperation with hundreds of legal gambling and entertainment institutions around the world, including China, the United States, Macao, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea and other countries, with a wide range of industries, which receives great attention and praise in the industry!

Precise Positioning and Correspondent Development
With the positioning of "C2C Small-amount Security Deposit Platform for Digital Currency”, Supersun OTC officially opened online security deposit service for digital currency in 2019, with the most secure and professional technical support from the underlying framework of block payment in the industry. As the most honest digital currency supplier, Supersun OTC uses USDT / ETH, the digital currency with the strongest liquidity, and its exclusive security deposit collateral system for digital currency to provide small-amount related guarantee services for the third-party benchmarking teams of the gambling industry, and carry out the fourth-party clearing platform, which enjoys the advantages of safe, fast, transparent and low rate settlement.

Supersun OTC adopts safe and convenient benchmarking process, and gathers the users through the platform. Users takes advantage of the blockchain to pay for recharge. For each exchange request, the platform randomly matches acceptors and at the same time freezes and locks the number of equivalent encrypted digital assets corresponding to acceptors. After the buyer completes the payment, the acceptance seller confirms the receipt of the legal currency paid by the buyer and notifies the platform system to unfreeze the currency; and then the seller gets the legal currency, while the user gets the encrypted digital asset, marking the completion of the whole transaction.

At present, the platform has enjoyed the total online payment and settlement funds of 17 billion US dollars, and owned more than 10000 active users, along with over 10000 transactions as well as nearly 30 million US dollars cash deposit services per day.

According to the current platform operation data, it is estimated that the active users of the platform will exceed 3 million in 2020, 30 million in 2021 and 100 million in 2022. There is no doubt that in the future, Supersun OTC will become a digital currency clearing platform with hundreds of millions scale.

Remarkable Profit and Sure-win Prospect

Participate in the sun OTC project, users can easily use idle funds to earn rich profits, ensure fund security with no cash transactions, and realize smooth circulation, easy operation, no-burn mechanism, stable profits, team expansion, and quick marketability, with the average daily income reaching 1.5% - 3.6%. The 24-hour benchmarking services and 5-minute accessible operation process as well as safe and reliable acceptance guarantee make the capital flow more convenient and safe. Through project sharing, users can also enjoy the extra daily income and considerable profits brought by the members under the umbrella, so as to easily realize dream of wealth!

It is worth mentioning that the profit of benchmarking is the daily settlement, and VIP users can enjoy more exclusive quota of order arrangement, which is more attractive.

Supersun OTC has always attached importance to the currency transaction security of its members, established a set of top-level system to ensure the security of each deposit and withdrawal of users, and has also promised that every transaction can be completed conveniently and safely for every user, so that users can participate in benchmarking and receiving orders at ease!

Of course, there is also an indispensable 24-hour one-to-one online customer service to patiently solve questions and problems for users.

Supersun OTC aims to let the wealth like the sun shine on life in an all-around way and promote a sure-win wonderful life!

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