GoodKnight Cooling And Waterproof Product Provides Dust And Bed Bug Protection

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New GoodKnight mattress protectors provide a cooling feature on its soft and hypoallergenic material. It is 100% waterproof and provides dry sleep.

Most people have not thought about all the dust and bacteria that may accumulate in a mattress over time. Most own a mattress for 5 years before being replaced. One can only imagine what and how many organisms have been living and reproducing in the mattress. On average around 8 hours a night is spent in bed, without considering what is really being slept on.

Prevention of bacteria, dust, and bed bugs from living in mattresses is made possible by simply using GoodKnight’s mattress protector. This will help those with allergies, people who feel stuffy when in bed, or simply for those who want the peace of mind of sleeping in a hygienic bed.

The mattress protector is created to fit perfectly around all sizes of mattresses, to prevent slippage and the constant need to fix the sheets every morning. There is fabric technology in the material which allows circulation of body heat. This results in a cooling effect, allowing GoodKnight mattress protector users to sleep better throughout the night.

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GoodKnight’s mattress encasement is also completely waterproof. This can be helpful for the elderly or young children. It is also useful for those who are frequently eating or drinking in the bed. The mattress will remain looking, feeling, and smelling fresh with the protection of GoodKnight’s product. Stain causing liquids will not be able to penetrate the absorption and waterproof power of the encasement. Even people who suffer from night sweats can find great relief from this product.

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After an accident or a spill, simply wash it in the washer and dryer just as regular bed sheets are washed. The protector maintains its integrity even after each wash, to keep the body and bed dry, cool, and protected.

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