Golf Posture Swing Improvement Shane Lyons Corrective Programs Launched

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Best Golf Posture has launched a new range of programs to help players improve their game through better posture. The site is run by Shane Lyons, who has experience in gymnastics and personal training and has helped countless golfers to improve and grow.

Best Golf Posture has launched a new range of programs to help golfers and golfing enthusiasts to improve their swing and performance. The key is in Golf posture, and the programs are designed to educate golfers from amateurs to professionals about the importance of this posture.

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The site explains that golf posture is fundamental to achieving the best golf swing mechanics. This is because if golfers start in the wrong place, they are likely to finish in the wrong place.

By focusing on their posture, not only can golfers see an improvement in their game, but the demands on their bodies will be reduced. This will help to improve the load on their back, wrist, knees and elbows.

The Best Golf Posture website is run by Shane Lyons, a golf conditioning specialist. He is a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach, and has a background in gymnastics with over 10 years’ international experience.

In addition to this, he has been a Personal Trainer for over sixteen years, giving him a wide range of experience. Over his years in the field, he has been asked by a number of people to help with their golf game, and focusing on posture has had dramatic results.

He states: “With some specific testing and targeted corrective exercises, my clients started to see significant improvements across the board. Naturally, my clients were delighted with the positive changes in their game. Not only were they moving better in their swing but they were more accurate too.”

By visiting the site golfers can sign up for the 30 day premium golf posture repair program. This is a corrective program that provides a golf posture self assessment and all the training needed to improve golf posture.

In addition to this, the program offers some practical bonuses and advice designed to help people to play their best golf and reliably improve their game.

Full details about the programs and training material provided can be found on the URL above.

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