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Goldstein Bachman and Newman Revamps Divorce Consultation Process

Goldstein Bachman and Newman overhauls divorce process from beginning.

— Goldstein Bachman and Newman ( understands divorce is a stressful time in a person's life and that he or she may be dealing with pressing financial issues, leaving little money for the hiring of an attorney. The firm now offers a free initial consultation to help those wishing to dissolve a marriage so one can meet with an attorney and determine if he or she feels comfortable with this person and the offered legal representation.

"This is just one way in which the attorneys at Goldstein Bachman and Newman ( feel they can help reduce the stress associated with divorce. Contact us today to set up this consultation as no one should have to stay in a marriage where they are unhappy," Howard Bachman declares.

New Jersey understands the high toll divorce takes on a person, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and requires all parties divorcing in the state take part in an Early Settlement Panel. A neutral arbitrator talks to each spouse, hearing their arguments, before making one or more recommendations on financial matters related to the divorce. In addition to the Early Settlement Panel, divorcing couples often choose to take part in a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation.
"Goldstein Bachman and Newman strives to reduce the financial burdens associated with dissolving the partnership, yet the attorneys also work to reduce the emotional toll the divorce places on all involved, especially any children of the marriage. Each option offers its own advantages, and both parties need to agree to fully take part for the best results," Bachman explains.

A collaborative divorce involves two parties and their attorneys agreeing to resolve their disputes without the need for appearing in court. This private process works for many as it can be adjusted to meet the unique needs and schedules of the divorcing spouses. With this process, spouses share costs for any experts or specialists called in. As Bachman points out, most find the process is not only more cost-efficient than going to court, it also takes less time.

Divorce mediation, unlike the Early Settlement Panel, tackles all issues associated with the divorce, such as child visitation and custody, and this isn't a formal procedure handled through the court. A private mediator comes in to work with the spouses in an effort to find acceptable compromises for all disputed issues in the divorce.

"Consider all options when determining how best to handle a divorce. Thanks to the many options now available, couples often find the process to be less stressful than they imagined. The free consultation offered through Goldstein Bachman and Newman remains the best place to discover the options offered and which is best for any particular couple's situation," Bachman announces.
About Goldstein Bachman and Newman:

Founded in 1997, Goldstein Bachman and Newman is the creation of two partners, each with more than 20 years' legal experience within the state of New Jersey. All lawyers and staff members boast excellent credentials, and the firm continues to have a strong record of positive outcomes for clients, in a range of practice areas. The firm strives to be one people can return to any time they need an attorney, providing efficient and experienced help with many legal issues. The attorneys aggressively protect the rights and interests of clients at all times, thriving on appearing in the high-energy environment of a courtroom, when this step becomes necessary.

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