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GodEquips Redesigns Website to Better Serve Laypeople With Bible Study Materials

13 June, 2013

According to a National Congregations Study of U.S. Protestant and Other Christian Churches by size, 59% of all US churches have between 7 and 99 worshipers, with an average of 75 regular participants attending worship on Sunday mornings. According to Wayne Bogue Ministry Director for GodEquips, an online Bible, Doctrinal and Topical study recommendation resource center, this makes every dollar spent by the small churches even more valuable.

With that in mind, GodEquips recently announced the re-vamping of their website, making it easier for consumers to access information. Says Bogue, "Now, GodEquips' complete Bible studies are easier to access. We have added category buttons on the homepage so that users can access the Bible study reviews they need faster than ever. No more browsing around the huge database, unless you just feel like browsing and uncovering new treasures."

Bogue states the changes emerged out of necessity, as many people working for the small churches do so as second job, lacking time to spend searching online for reviews of bible study lessons or a bible study with questions. Says Bogue, "We know how important it is to read our reviews before you spend your hard-earned money. Additionally, it's important to make sure your bible study is really a bible study, not just an overview. Our reviewers follow our Bible Study Guidelines to determine if the study is Christ-centered, focused on God’s Word, theologically sound and suitable for use either by individuals or study groups. We've done the in-depth research for you, so you have time for the more important parts of your ministry."

GodEquips does not sell material on their site, although some studies are offered as free PDF downloads. Says Bogue, "As our Mission Statement indicates, we take no compensation for reviewing content, and we take no “kick-backs” if you purchase materials from another site. Therefore, you know that our recommendations are trustworthy and are provided for your benefit and not for commercial purposes."

Bogue concludes, underlining the importance of their ministry at GodEquips, "I believe that spiritually strong and mature lay people can be powerful agents for growth, change and faithfulness in every congregation. Our goal at GodEquips is to help equip lay leaders in service to Jesus Christ.”

About GodEquips:
GodEquips is a non-political, not-for-profit ministry not affiliated with any particular denomination. They are committed to recommending Christ-centered, God-honoring Bible, Doctrinal and Topical studies to help readers become mature in Christ. Each study has been researched and reviewed by the GodEquips team. They do not receive remuneration in any form in exchange for recommending resources. The site also offers a Christ-centered Blog designed to assist various members of the church from preachers to teachers.

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