Glo-Bus Simulation Winning Strategy, Quiz 1, & Quiz 2 Answers for 2019 Announced

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WinBSGOnline continues to be on the cutting edge for new strategies that help students succeed with the Glo-Bus Simulation Game Cameras and Drones version for 2019. The website features revised course material, guides, and mentoring to help students succeed.

WinBSGOnline has announced that the Glo-Bus section of their website has been updated to the new Cameras and Drones edition that students will face in the 2019 academic year. Updates include key quiz information and new strategies that will help students rise through the challenges in the game.

The free study material and a preview of the guide can be found at the WinBSGOnline website:

The site features formulas that are key to passing each quiz in Glo-Bus, in-depth video content explaining the winning strategies of a Grand Master, and the ability to access a comprehensive guide that details all the best strategies used by the top players of the game.

Dave Mar, a Grand Master of Glo-Bus and author of the comprehensive strategy guide at WinBSGOnline had this to say:

“Before I became a Grand Master, I had an elderly lady ask me for help because she was struggling in the game. Well she was 42 and I was 19… haha… As I helped her implement my core strategy in the game, we were able to successfully improve her company in a short time. As a result, she said I had a gift and should use that gift to help others. Since then, I have made it my mission to help students learn in the most effective, efficient, and meaningful way possible with real-world application. If you desire to win in Glo-Bus, visit my site to get the key info you need for success.”

The free guide on the website is designed to help students prepare for any question, or situation, that can arise within the Glo-Bus game. As there are many scenarios that could occur, Dave Mar has made it possible for students to have the insight to pass these challenges.

The update follows suit to the Business Strategy Game that also announced an update to its interface for students playing the game in 2019. Both the BSG and the Glo-Bus simulation has new versions of their respective games with new challenges and obstacle to overcome.

Students who want to learn more about the Glo-Bus Comprehensive guide before committing to buying it can access the free tips available at the WinBSGOnline website at

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