Getting Back to Nature Can Improve Overall Health and Well-Being

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Going outside has a variety of health benefits, including a lower blood pressure, increased energy, less stress, and an overall more positive outlook on life.

As the winter starts to wane and the days gradually get longer, it’s time to start venturing outside.

There are a myriad of health benefits of being outdoors. When people spend all day in an office, under fluorescent lights and staring at a screen, and then go home to stare at more screens, it’s better to expose themselves to some more natural light and fresh air.

Getting back to nature can be as simple as going for a walk in a wooded area. Research shows that doing so can improve short term memory and help the brain release endorphins that help improve mood.

Spending time outside can actually lower blood pressure, reduce fatigue, increase focus, and improve creativity. Just going outside and standing on grass in bare feet can feel rejuvenating. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors, whether exercising or just camping, can increase life expectancy.

Is it any wonder that camping is such a popular activity in BC?

As much as laying on the grass and staring at the sky is an excellent way to relax, one still needs a place to sleep at night while enjoying the outdoors. For some, a tent is more than enough, but for others, it’s nice to be off the ground and have a more solid roof over their heads.

Finding motorhomes for sale in the Okanagan isn’t a difficult task, as the outdoors are a huge part of life there. Rosman RV in Vernon has a wide array of RVs, tent trailers, and motorhomes for sale that will meet the needs of their clients.

It’s nice to be able to hit the road and find a nice spot by a lake and just relax for a few days, then pack up and head to the next lovely location. A motorhome makes that easier.

When just getting outside a bit more often can do so much for the human body, why wouldn’t more people put down the screens and venture into nature?

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