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Capitalist Exploits has released ideas on high yield investment opportunities. High Yield Investors and other interested parties can find them online at

The need for quality investment research has never been higher. Ordinary investors are tired of the seeing same marketing tactics promising them life-changing wealth, promoted by some “guru” who, in reality, knows nothing of money management. Capitalist Exploits, has published Insider and Resource Insider newsletters dedicated to helping High Yield Investors access High-quality Investment Analysis from the investment opportunities they research, develop and invest in.

These newsletters will also have information useful to anybody facing the challenge of identifying emerging trends and want to avoid jumping on the bandwagon of the herd mentality. Interested parties are invited to review Insider and Resource Insider in full on their website:

Capitalist Exploits are a team of professional money managers, entrepreneurs and investors. They are not “marketers” or “publishers”. They spend their time on improving the quality of investment research they can offer their subscribers, and that has meant they have grown quickly by word of mouth alone.

This most recent Newsletter, Resource Insider, contains precise and detailed research, designed for accredited investors looking for long term wealth, helping them hedge their portfolio with deep value, asymmetric returns with as little stress as possible.

Capitalist Exploits states that this accessible, easy to follow information is much more than a newsletter and provides all of the research necessary to fully understand the investment ideas, to get the results they want.

Capitalist Exploits’ Free Articles Covers: dislocated market opportunities – events that dislocate markets and create opportunities asymmetric trade ideas – Insider, gets investors of all backgrounds and sophistication actionable, high-payoff investment ideas you won’t find elsewhere – Resource Insider is for Private placement deals – their program designed for accredited investors looking for private placement deals in the world’s most promising natural resource and energy companies.

When asked for more information about Insider, the reasons behind creating ideas on high yield investment opportunities and what they hope to accomplish with it, Chris MacIntosh, Investor, Fund Manager, Advisor, and Co- Founder at Capitalist Exploits said: “”I engineer my portfolio so that even if I’m right only 25% of the time, I’m still profitable. This principle is how I managed to build my fortune, and I now share how I do this with Insider members. Right now, there are currently 60+ individual trades across 15 or so sectors that we are making huge, contrarian bets on. Unlike much of what litters the financial newsletter industry, I put my money where my mouth is, and live and die by the investing sword with my reputation on the line. This ensures that my interests are 100% aligned to that of subscribers, who I treat the same as investors in my fund.””

High Yield Investors and anybody interested in high yield investment opportunities are invited to review the Insider and/or Resource Insider online:

More information about Capitalist Exploits itself can be found at

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