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Share This Press Release recently announced the launch of the new “Google” for the Turkish world with the release of the all-in-one search website

— has recently launched their all on one search website. It is being hailed as the "new" Google of the Turkish world. This is a huge step considering that the company already has a Geliyoo France and Geliyoo USA out on the market. The Geliyoo of Turkey is the latest search engine that has everything organized in the search page. This includes icons that allow the searcher to find what they are looking for in virtually every language in the world. Users are excited about this exciting announcement. Geliyoo has been live online for only four months yet during this short time frame they are already ranking in the top 100,000 on Alexa.

The Geliyoo's design is user-friendly and its navigation is impressive. Button icons on top of their search page allow a person to immediately choose to visit their social media profiles. Examples of such social media sites include but as not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and Bing accounts. There also is a "" feature which allows users to change their website domain to a "tiny URL", this is an exciting tool for affiliate marketers since they are now able to shorter longer links and replace them with shorter links of their choice. Visitors to the site are able to run a search on any subject and obtain results from all the search engines including videos. There are also other navigational buttons as well. Some of these buttons will give the user access to their personal or business Google+ and Google search accounts. There is also a recently added button that connects the site visitor to their own iTunes account. There are buttons for searched videos, and other different forums in every language translation.

One of the examples provided by a spokesperson for the company was the INout Forums. On these forums the visitors discuss topics regarding the iPhone. A visitor can also learn the latest news in the Geliyoo in/out ad center. There are also "featured blogs" section which reviews current events, the latest products, and fashion items of interest. There are technology blogs and even personal blogs. Sight visitors are also able to watch the latest from CNBC and Fox News and some of the major Turkish television stations. It's a site similar to Google where they offer an account and users gain access to their own personal blog, email. Registered users are able to receive discounts when they shop online using the links provided.

Geliyoo has sparked a phenomenon in the online arena for Turkish users. Business owners are able to purchase ad space for their online marketing campaigns. In some cases a small business owner is able to create free ads as a way of testing out the service. The business owner promotes their product or service without having to pay higher Pay-Per-Click (PPC) rates. This concept is similar to that of the Geliyoo INout Network. This is a network set up similar to multiply except that it is apparently part of the Geliyoo brand and InOut Network. Most accounts on Geliyoo are from Turkey and some parts of the Middle East and Europe. There are thousands of personal blogs on the network that deal with a range of topics. Most of the topics include current event subject matter, fashion, eCommerce and Islam.

Geliyoo is an up and coming platform that is shaking the way people think about finding things online.

Contact Info:
Name: Buray Savas ANIL
Organization: Geliyoo Inc.
Address: 3415 Brentwood Dr Odessa, Tx 79762-6906, United States
Phone: 001 432 362 8386

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