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A new video has been launched by Goodfriend Publishing, the company behind the “God is Gay” book. It offers insight into scriptural analysis that proves homosexuality is accepted in the Bible.

Goodfriend Publishing, the company behind the new “God is Gay” book, has launched a new video on YouTube highlighting the homosexual issue within Christianity. It was designed to be enjoyable, yet informational, and offers insight into some of the topics that feature in the book.

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More and more people are getting their information from videos on YouTube, with marketers leveraging the power of video to promote everything from causes to products and services. Goodfriend Publishing has jumped on this trend with its new video, reaching a niche audience for their book “God is Gay.”

The publishing company has realized success in the field, and is now looking to continue with its marketing strategy so that more people can read the book. Karen, the production manager, stated that the video is cute and light, which can be highly beneficial when it comes to heavy topics.

The video explains that, according to Pew Research Center, 70% of Americans identify as Christian, and most of them do not attend church regularly. But what’s even more interesting is that research shows how most American Christians believe that the church should be accepting of homosexuality.

However, most Christian denominations are not accepting of homosexuality. This leads to the conclusion that church leaders are understanding the Bible one way, while Christians are understanding it another way.

“God is Gay” is the straight Christian’s guide to the gay issue, and can help anyone to win arguments with other Christians who think that homosexuality shouldn’t be accepted by the church.

Using only scripture, the book proves that God made gay people on purpose, for a purpose. It is available on Amazon now, where it is collecting glowing reviews.

The book offers scriptural analysis that provides that the Bible does not teach against homosexuality. It will shut down homophobic arguments on the gay issue in churches and prove that God has always included gay people in his plans.

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