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Galaxy Shooter Announcing Lots of New Features With New Update

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Space Attack – Galaxy Shooter offers now over 250 levels and more with its new update

Space Attack – Galaxy Shooter is now considered to be one of the best space shooting game after their new update. It is enjoying the overnight success which it received this month. After the new update, more than 500,000 people have downloaded and started playing it.

One of the most notable changes in this game's feature is that aircraft can be upgraded to 250 levels previously which were over 160. Also, through this update players can upgrade using materials which are obtained during missions and upon completion of levels. Also, with each transformation of aircraft, gamers will be able to try out different shooting style and bullets along with new aircraft designs.

The head developer of Galaxy Shooter stated, “We observed a lot of players complaining about having just 160+ levels. Hence, with our update, we wanted to transform several aspects of this game and make it more exciting for all. We are ecstatic to have so many gamers trying out this game after the new update and providing positive feedback to us."

With this feature, special events are also available which makes obtaining resources easier. These events are held for a specific time for players to level up quickly for an ultimate gaming experience.

The company wants players to enjoy this game thoroughly which is why they have combined stages which are normal and hard. Also, this firm’s game developers to make it more competitive have remade multiple bosses’ HP which every gamer have to beat to proceed further.

Moreover, the organization has added new starter packs which enable players to enjoy this game to the fullest. Also, previous bugs are fixed through this latest update which was hindering some player’s gaming experience.

Lastly, new aircraft are introduced through this update which can be bought from starter packs or by earning gems. This new update from the company has changed this game entirely which have attracted players from all over the world. The company is now thinking about introducing a few more changes in this game which would bring in more players.

The marketing head of this gaming company remarked, “We knew this update would bring a lot of changes to this game. However, it will attract so many new players was something beyond our imagination. All we want people to know is that we are working on something now which will make playing this game even more interesting for all.”

This game is available on Google Play Store: here and can be downloaded on every Android device. To know more about the update, players will have to download this game and start playing. For those who use the iPhone, they can download from App Store: here.

For now, according to all feedbacks and more, this company have a game which is considered to be one of the best space shooting game in the world.

About the company:
Galaxy Shooter is developed by GemMob which has over 500,000 players. This company is a mobile gaming startup that has earned quite a remarkable reputation in a short period. With the new update, this game runs smoothly and added features makes it more interesting.

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