Frisco TX Reading Tutorial School With Phonics Based Literacy Program Launched

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A tutorial center in Texas introduces a literacy program that uses phonics to improve children’s reading aptitude and allow them to sound out words that are new to them.

The Reading Ranch, a chain of tutorial facilities in Texas, launches their literacy program that utilizes a teaching method known as phonics. The center accepts students from PreK to 6th Grade levels.

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The newly launched program aims to enhance children’s literacy by taking an alternative approach to reading and writing. As opposed to providing significant amounts of reading materials to enhance reading abilities, phonics focuses on helping children hear and sound out new words.

Through phonics instruction, children learn how to decode letters or groups of letters into their individual sounds. The technique is particularly beneficial to early readers, allowing them to read unfamiliar words by themselves. Since they are encountering most words for the first time in print, reading may prove to be a challenge even if they have come across the same terms in speech.

When the students develop some awareness of phonemes and how they are illustrated graphically, further reading instruction is given, this time to heighten their awareness of language.

Citing data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, The Reaching Ranch points out that 60% of American fourth-graders do not qualify as proficient readers. The literacy experts also warn that children who fail to acquire reading skills by the end of their third grade tend to become poor readers for the rest of their lives. For more details, please visit

The center’s owner and director, Dr. Kim Southwell adds, “Phonics is a critical piece in reversing that trend because the brain is not wired to read. It is wired to speak, which is why language is so much easier for us to pick up at an early age. If your parents speak English, you will undoubtedly pick it up quickly. It’s the same thing for any other language. But the ability to read is an entirely different skillset.”

The Reading Ranch operates tutorial facilities in multiple Texas locations, including Plano, Frisco, Allen, North Dallas, Lewisville, Denison, Southlake, Argyle, McKinney, and Coppell. The center also offers a virtual literacy program.

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