Fort Washington Custom Business HQ Video Commercial Production Services Launched

Diva Consultant, a Fort Washington, Maryland based digital marketing agency, launched a variety of high quality resolution commercial video production and marketing services for local and global businesses. The company works with professional video designers, editors and actors to create personalized business HQ video commercials.

Diva Consultant, a digital marketing agency based in Fort Washington, Maryland, launched a wide variety of high quality resolution commercial video production and marketing services for local and global businesses.

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Online marketing has been one of the fastest-growing industries of the past decade, with the majority of businesses investing in digital promotion strategies. Recent reports show that more than 90% of all clients have used online reviews or search engine to look for online businesses and services, thus making it essential for business owners to develop a solid online reputation and visibility for their business website.

While paid advertising is still extremely popular with online businesses, the average internet user developed an ingrained distrust of aggressive, text-based ads. Surveys show that the vast majority of internet customers do not trust online ads, with more than 70% preferring informational business articles and videos to traditional text-based ads.

Videos are a powerful way to promote a business, since they can convey the message in a simple, easy-to-understand manner, and visual effects can create an image of professionalism and increase business credibility.

Diva Consultant launched a wide variety of custom HQ video commercials production and distribution for both local and global businesses to help business owners increase their online reputation and create professional commercials.

The company works closely with the business client in an effort to create the most accurate representation of the business services, in a manner that responds best to the expectations of the prospective clients.

Diva Consultant works with professional video designers, editors, scriptwriters and actors, constantly striving to provide professional video commercials for a variety of audiences. Different types of scenarios are available, from funny sketches to serious corporate video presentations.

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