Foot Cream to Aid with Relieving Odor and Sweaty Feet Fitness Product Launched

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A new skincare product for sweaty feet has been launched by All Natural and Unique. The Little Ugly Bottle foot cream offers relief from sweaty, itchy feet and odor for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

All Natural and Unique have launched a foot cream to helps runners and athletes to aid with relieving foot odor and sweaty feet. The Little Ugly Bottle product uses special ingredients to help keep foot odor at bay.

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The Little Ugly Bottle is a foot cream that is designed to help those who suffer with smelly feet, itchy, sweaty or tired feet, and is ideal for athletes or people who run for fitness. It harnesses effective natural ingredients that help combat these problems and leaves feet conditioned and fresh.

People who are athletes or are into fitness will spend many hours wearing training sneakers and socks, and for some these can lead to a number of annoying foot complaints. These problems include foot odor, which is caused by foot sweat that by itself is completely odorless. However when sweat combines with bacteria naturally present on the skin it begins to emit the familiar foot odor.

The feet have half a million sweat glands emitting sweat that gets trapped on to the feet by sneakers and sports socks that also keep the feet at the optimum temperature for the bacteria to thrive and mix with the sweat.

A person can take several actions to prevent foot odor and other conditions. The first step is to ensure that a high level of foot hygiene is maintained by washing and drying feet thoroughly to remove any bacteria buildup and to minimize the moist areas that it is likely to thrive in. Another step is to allow feet to breath naturally by wearing natural fibers like 100% cotton socks and breathable training shoes.

Little Ugly Bottle foot cream uses special ingredients to help reduce bacteria growth on the skin to keep them fresh and revitalized for a whole day. By keeping bacteria and sweat under control people can help prevent odor, itching and discomfort.

Those wishing to find out more about The Little Ugly Bottle foot cream can visit the website on the link provided above.

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