Fitness Life Stories Recommends AMG Services Surf School Rainy Season Discounts

Recently announced rainy season discounts from AMG Services surf school receive a strong recommendation from Our Family Fun Night.

— Editors from Fitness Life Stories recently endorsed newly announced rainy season discounts from AMG Services as part of the publication's initiative to help readers build and sustain active and healthy lifestyles.

Fitness Life Stories regularly publishes inspiring articles based on real life experiences of triumph over adversity. The online magazine also provides readers with information about opportunities to lead a more active life. According to Chris Kelly, an editor at Fitness Life Stories, an upcoming article from the site will profile AMG Services surf school because of a rainy season discount that the surf school is offering in it's first year operating in Costa Rica.

"As an organization as a whole, we strongly endorse AMG Services surf school because we believe that they are giving people a chance to lead a healthier and happier life," say Chris Kelly of Fitness Life Stories.

After several years of successful operation on the west coast of the United States, AMG Services surf school relocated to Costa Rica in January of 2014. In an effort to continue regular business through the rainy season, the school is offering discount packages from now until the end of the year. Packages include food, accommodations, surf lessons, and rentals.

"Most people traveling to Central America head south in the winter," says Chris Kelly, "But there are many good reasons to visit a surf camp in the summer time. The crowds are thinner, and thanks to businesses like AMG Services, summer vacations can be more affordable."

Fitness Life Stories expects to have a full profile of AMG Service surf school ready in June, but in the mean time the publication is making other efforts to publicly endorse the discounted vacation packages.

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