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First Multi-touch Interactive iBook for American Accent Learning

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American Accent Fundamentals, the first American accent learning multi-touch book for the Apple iPad, helps readers learn the principles of American speech in a fun and interactive way.

— announced the release of American Accent Fundamentals, the first American accent learning multi-touch book for the Apple iPad. Developed by American accent specialist Susan M. Ryan, this media-rich iBook offers more than 120 pages packed with interactive features, including videos, slideshows, audios, quizzes, and visual graphics, designed to highlight the fundamental rules underlying American speech.

American Accent Fundamentals helps readers learn the principles behind spoken American English in a fun and interactive way. Each chapter of the ibook features straight forward explanations of patterns and rules that learners can use right away.  Each lesson includes concrete examples of how to apply these techniques using everyday dialogues spoken by native American English speakers.

Features included in this ibook include:
- Instructional explanations of the critical American accent rules & patterns that learners absolutely need to know
- Real life sentences & dialogues for practicing the featured rule or pattern
- Infographics that show key principles in a visual way
- Tutorial movies for problematic sounds
- Quizzes to test knowledge of what was learned
- Useful and practical dialogues that learners can use everyday

"We are excited to offer this option to readers who want to learn the basics of the American accent using their iPad," says Ryan. "More and more people are using the iPad to read, learn and communicate. Almost all of the international professionals who enroll in my accent reduction coaching program use iPads both at home and for work. Many of them really wanted an iPad book for the American accent.

That's why my team and I went to work. We took all of the lessons that I use in my accent training courses and put the content together using the latest digital media tools to create the first multi-touch iBook for American accent learning.

It's the interactive features that makes this book unique. We've embedded videos, slideshows, audios, quizzes, and visual graphics into the book in order to make the content fun, interactive and engaging. As a trainer and instructor, I know that if people are engaged and having fun, they are more likely to learn and retain the material!"

The American Accent Fundamentals iBook is now available on Apple's iBookstore in 38 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, 16 European countries and South America. ConfidentVoice is also offering a companion study guide to iBook purchasers for a limited time.

About ConfidentVoice is dedicated to helping international professionals and non-native speakers of American English across the globe communicate with confidence – through useful education, advice, resources, and programs. The company's online courses and programs have helped over 7,000 students learn strategies they need to improve their American accent and communication since 2007. Clients have included biotech researchers, embassy personnel, international clergy, university professors, engineers and IT executives living in the US & Canada, China, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Singapore.

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Name: Susan Ryan
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Address: 7491 N Federal Hwy C5-188, Boca Raton, FL 33487
Phone: 561-283-1957

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