Finding True Purpose In Life Empowering Online Business Webinar Series Launched

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The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce has launched an online webinar series on getting back to business. On Wednesday 26 August a mindset strategist will help people uncover their true purpose.

The Franklin Lakes Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey has launched a new online webinar series on getting back to business. On Wednesday 26 August attendees will hear from an accomplished global mindset strategist to help them find their true purpose in life.

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The newly launched online webinar series will showcase speakers and business leaders and will focus on what to expect once businesses reopen. Nadene Joy will host the webinar ‘uncovering your purpose’ and will help people unlock their inner passion, creativity, and motivation so they can live life the way they want to.

Nadene is an accomplished global mindset strategist as well as a life, business, and leadership coach. She is passionate about being an impactful leader who transforms the lives of others and makes a positive difference in the world through her wisdom and serving others with kindness in all she encounters.

While some people may be happy as they are, others may feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and generally unhappy. Finding their true purpose in life can unlock a raft of unexpected possibilities and lead to a happy life on all levels.

Many people experience a sense of loss or feeling lost at some point in their lives. It could be that they work in a job that is financially satisfying but does not align with their core values, alternatively, they may feel they have lost their connection with their core values.

All attendees must connect with their phone or computer and enable video and audio to be admitted to the event. The format will include a virtual (online) panel followed by a question and answer session.

A company spokesperson said: “What percentage of people do you think have found and are living their true-life purpose in the world? What do you think are the top reasons why many people never uncover their true purpose?”

“If you want to learn the answer to these questions and find yourself feeling ‘stuck’ in life, you should attend our informative seminar and uncover your purpose,” they added.

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided. Alternatively, click here

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