FBI Radio: Public Relations Spokesperson Simulates News Reporter

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Michael Winston, the founder of Propaganda Guard, LLC, is an avid writer, researcher and former college professor. Further discussion, tools and training resources can be found at http://PropagandaGuard.com

Minot, North Dakota, United States – September 9th, 2014 /PressCable/

The FBI is producing and marketing radio spots, called, “FBI This Week,” that simulates news programming.

Anytime the government is producing and disseminating information, there is a potential for abuse, according to the creator of a newly released, professionally produced infographic that is available for immediate share on all media.

The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 originally allowed the U.S. government to generate and disseminate programming in foreign nations, but forbade it domestically. The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 repealed the domestic prohibition, allowing the government's broadcasting to be directed at Americans for the first time in over 40 years.

“The mass production of goods became a reality, during the industrialized revolution. The science of mass-producing ideas, sentiments and attitudes quickly followed and has continued unabated. ” said Michael Winston, Propaganda Guard's chief architect and writer.

“The ways that sentiment can now be manufactured are myriad. Given the incredible power of these techniques, it is amazing that the study and application of their use has not been giving more serious treatment in education,” concluded Winston.

The infographic, which can be found at, PropagandaGuard.com, was created to counter this systemic lack of teaching and training. The root characteristics of propaganda are identified and contrasted with authentic leadership-the antithesis and antidote to propaganda, according to Winston.

Elmer Davis, head of the Office of War Information during WWII, once said, “The easiest way to inject a propaganda idea into most people's minds is to let it go through the medium of an entertainment picture when they do not realize that they are being propagandized”

Mr. Winston urges citizens to get informed about the characteristics of propaganda and the techniques used to influence and control that bypass classic persuasive argumentation by studying the Propaganda Guard infographic as well as taking advantage of the many resources available via the website.

Propaganda Guard, LLC is a company dedicated to empowering citizens to take responsibility for educating themselves about propaganda and the increasingly complex issues surrounding truth in a free society.

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