Extended Reality 3D Advertising Blockchain Tool Set To Revolutionize Ads Market

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An extended reality advertising platform is set to transform and revolutionize the market. Trivver uses revolutionary blockchain technology to create and run campaigns in extended reality.

Trivver, a powerful new extended reality advertising platform powered by blockchain technology, is set to revolutionize the advertising market for consumers and brands. Using extended reality, it can connect with customers in new ways, and Trivver is already the premiere programmatic ad exchange for 3D, VR, MR and AR advertising.

More information can be found at: https://trivver.com

The site explains that Trivver’s revolutionary technology allows advertising agencies and brands, networks, and advertisers themselves to create and run ad campaigns in extended reality environments.

This represents a huge break from the existing norm, in that the ad exchange serves branded content to targeted audiences in extended reality environments. The platform seamlessly integrates 3D models of the brands, called Branded Smart Objects.

Advertisers are therefore able to reach directly into the homes of their target audience and showcase their products in their real-world environment. By seeing the company’s products in front of them, consumers are more likely to complete a purchase, because they know how it will fit, or how it can be used.

With Trivver, 3D ads are dynamic sally embedded in external reality environments in a completely natural way. This makes for a highly powerful, targeted form of advertising for brands in any niche.

Trivver has benefits both for the user and for publishers, whether they’re developers of VR and 3D games, home tours, or any other service.

Publishers can benefit from additional ad revenue using Trivver’s patent-pending XR ad network. Meanwhile, users can engage with brands in a way that they want, without worrying about annoying pop up and pre-roll video ads.

Trivver has its own Smart Tab and app for users to engage with. The Smart Tab is a slide out panel that enables them to discover details and more information on XR brands. With the Smart Tab, users can download discounts directly to their app at any time.

Full details of the platform and how it’s set to transform the advertising space can be found on the URL above.

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