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Exploit the PROTAC Technology with Creative Biolabs

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Creative Biolabs holds the expertise to assist with proteolysis targeting chimeric (PROTAC) drug discovery projects. On the basis of high-end technology platforms and valuable resources, scientists are capable of supplying qualified products and professional services regarding this novel drug discovery approach.

— The proteolysis targeting chimeric (PROTAC) molecular drug discovery is a promising approach in the field of drug discovery. Its major components are a linker and two ligands. One binds to the protein target of interest, and the other binds an E3 ligase, which is a valuable property of targeted medicine with better efficiency. The protac degradation mechanism predominantly engages the ubiquitin proteasome system of the body to selectively degrade the pathogenic proteins, compared with conventional drugs that take effect through inhibition of the pathogenic gene. Creative Biolabs is fully competent to deal with PROTAC associated requests based upon state-of-the-art technologies, abundant resources, and rich experiences in this field.

With years of accumulation, the technical team can assist with PROTAC related molecule discovery, provide standard substances required in the process of PROTAC discovery, and offer technical support on requests.

To ease the process, Creative Biolabs launches a series of one-stop PROTAC solutions that include PROTAC molecule discovery, PROTAC in vitro evaluation, and PROTAC in vivo animal test, covering the entire pipeline of protac molecule development and assessment, initiated from ligand design, and accomplished by in vivo toxicity/ADME tests. All of the solutions are well organized and supported by doctoral level scientists, to ensure the quality and efficacy of the results, meanwhile saving the costs of clients.

Three categories of products are supplied at Creative Biolabs, which can surely contribute to the research progress of scientists who are designing and constructing protac molecules in their own labs.
* Optimized linkers to maximize PROTACs activity: Bis-PEG6-acid(CAT#: PRLK-001)
* PROTAC molecule to specifically bind to corresponding target proteins dBET1(CAT#: PRLG-004)
* E3 ligase and target proteins obtained after high throughput sequencing: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase Mdm2(CAT#: PRLP-002)

As for the researchers who are working on the novel PROTAC discovery and in need of technical support, Creative Biolabs is their best choice. Four high-end featured technology platforms have been constructed, which are CLIPTAC, Homo-PROTAC, HaloPROTAC, ATTEC, making it possible to develop protacs with designated properties, such as lower molecular weight, triggering suicide-type chemical knockdown of E3 ligase, inducing degradation of various HaloTag fusion substrates and else, to fit in with more research targets.

Even though Creative Biolabs has made achievements in this field, the team never halt their steps forward. "It's just the start," said the head of Creative Biolabs, a dedicated scientist, "we are exploring more strategies to develop better proteolysis-targeting chimeras."

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Creative Biolabs is a dedicated figure in the field of biotechnology, which is headquartered in the United States, providing solutions for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes throughout the world. Through relentless exploration, the team is competent to offer the one-stop PROTAC-based drug development services covering the entire process, from early discovery to pre-clinical evaluation and clinical trials.

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