Etiquette Training New Children’s Course Reveals How Teaching Kids Good Manners Helps Classes & School

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Etiquette Moms has just re launched their already successful Children’s Etiquette Training distance learning program. Updated program now includes the new updated etiquette trainers business & marketing manual along with many other updates teaching how to build a rewarding business through etiquette lessons & classes.

Osprey, FL , USA – /PressCable/

Etiquette expert Elena Neitlich founder & CEO of Etiquette moms and Moms on Edge LLC explains that there has been a great increase in the demand for etiquette training due to the computer age, where children and teenagers are immersing themselves in technology. Both kids and teens are finding it difficult to communicate effectively without a device in their hands,

Etiquette Moms Children's Etiquette Training distance learning program has been updated and revised to further address modern etiquette. This training helps to give children etiquette skills and social skills, this training matierial increases childrens abilty to excel in class work and school work in general, this is because polite well mannered children communicate far more effectively and confidently.

Manners for kids are important in many ways, but sadly many parents have forgotten how to teach respect, even table manners for kids appears to have been forgotten, far too many families sit around the TV today eating rather than sitting around the table communicating with each other.

Everyone can learn more about Etiquette Moms and contact Elena Neitlich via her website.

In a recent interview with John Robbins Elena states “the aim is not just good manners for kids and politeness; there is a need to spread the word enabling ordinary people to launch their own etiquette classes teaching etiquette and life skills. Etiquette Moms programs are fun and entertaining for students and teachers alike, with several types of etiquette quiz and many social skills games which parents, teachers and students enjoy.

In many ways the social networks that young people are constantly immersed in can be anything but social, young people now face online intimidation, teasing and bullying, they need to be able to deal with these situations created by technology, children's etiquette training programs aim to teach children to be more compassionate, loving and kind to each other whilst also teaching politeness and social skills that will set children up to become successful outstanding adults.”

Teaching children to deal with today's technological world whilst becoming a polite positive individual is the main objective, teaching etiquette trainers to do just that is what Elena Neitlich has a great passion for.

Etiquette training is enabling people from all walks of life who are excited about starting their own business to teach etiquette to children, teens, businesses and adults, these trainers are not necessarily schooled in teaching or training prior to joining Etiquette Moms, many are in fact men or single women, so people certainly don't have to be a teacher or a mom to teach etiquette. Programes also include lifeskills for young adults and business etiquette training.

Students and certified etiquette trainers are simply ordinary people who believe strongly in manners, etiquette and social skills, these are people who love to interact with the age group or age groups that they choose to train, if a person feels that they would love to train children they should chose that program, if it's teen etiquette then that program, or if they feel that they would like to train all ages then there is a program for that too.

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Name: Elena Neitlich
Organization: Moms On Edge LLC Etiquette Moms
Phone: (941) 539-6777
Address: 1088 Mallard Marsh Drive, Suite 100 Osprey, FL 34229

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