Essential Sudoku Solving Lessons Beginners Course Offered by Online Professor

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The Sudoku Professor announced an updated Essentials Course for new students to learn the basics of solving Sudoku. The course is for newer or novice players to learn the fundamentals of the game.

The Sudoku Professor, a global authority in teaching players of the popular game found in newspapers, magazines, and apps, has launched an updated set of lessons for students learning the game during social distancing.

More information is available at the following website:

Sudoku is a popular game that can be played individually. The game involves using the numbers 1-9 in a unique arrangement of rows, columns, and boxes each containing 9 small squares.

Puzzles contain a set of given numbers and require solvers to use logic and reasoning to place the correct digits in the remaining spaces. The difficulty of a puzzle is typically correlated to the total number of given numbers at the start of a Sudoku. The game can be fun, challenging, and rewarding.

The Essentials Course covers a variety of topics and techniques to help novice and beginner players learn the fundamentals of solving harder Sudoku.

“We have seen a huge spike in popularity as people turn to entertainment online,” says Sudoku Professor Chad Barker. “As people learn this great game, they often run into a series of predictable roadblocks that the new program is designed to help newer players recognize and overcome.”

The new course from The Sudoku Professor offers tips and techniques that are easy for newer players to master. The program also provides numerous printable puzzles and training videos containing step-by-step walkthroughs to simplify the learning process.

A satisfied student of the program offered the following, “When I first started Sudoku I had no technique and used the brute force method. I searched for help but only came up with complicated formula’s with explanations that I could not decipher. Then I came across Sudoku Professor [and the Essentials Course.]. With the lessons, I quickly discovered this was the best way to learn for me.”

The Sudoku Professor has been teaching students to solve more Sudoku since 2008. The Professor maintains a learning platform enjoyed by more than 150,000+ students according to the website.

“We have seen a big increase in registrations since everyone began practicing safe social distancing. As more players discover the game, more students are learning the methods trusted by [all course participants.]” commented Barker.

“Students have commented on how much the game has helped them pass the time and keep themselves mentally challenged [during social distancing.] It’s really wonderful to see so many people discovering or rediscovering such a great game.”

More information about the company and the Sudoku courses can be found at the web address listed above or by visiting the official Sudoku Professor YouTube channel here:

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