Essence of L Medi Spa in White Rock BC Now Provides Celluma LED Therapy

23 January, 2015

Essence of L Media Spa is Proud to announce a new service they provide that aids in natural skin rejuvenation. Interested parties can find out how Celluma LED Therapy can help them by visiting Essence of L Medi Spas site :

The ground breaking design of the Celluma LED panel creates a superior treatment for enhancing cellular metabolism allowing for the repair and replenishment of damaged cells. The Celluma panel is the only light weight, flexible, contour LED on the market. LED therapy is most beneficial when it is applied between 1-3 inches of the skin. 

Traditional rigid panel technologies lose a lot of light energy before it even hits the skin- reducing the efficacy of the treatment because they cannot conform to the shape of the face.

NASA’s scientific studies show that skin cells are much more efficient in absorbing light when the energy is delivered at a lower level over a longer period of time and when the light is delivered in pulses (twinkling) rather than a constant stream of light. The Celluma treatments are 30 minutes in length and utilize approximately 115 light emitting diodes that emit energy in each of the Blue light (465 nm), Red light (640 nm), and Infrared (880 nm).

Blue Light Therapy Benefits for Acne:-Kills P.Acne Bacteria: 90% of the contributing factors to acne.

-Emits single molecule Oxygen to retard the growth of bacteria.

-Heals and minimizes Inflamed and non-Inflamed acne lesions.

-Pain free.

-No down time.

Red Light Therapy Benefits for WrinklesStimulates ATP (cellular energy):

-Increases cellular turnover.

-Reduces Hyper-pigmentation.

-Stimulates Collagen formation.

-Reduces wound healing time.

-Reduces inflammation.

-Lightens pigmented lesions.

-Increases moisture retention and stimulates circulation.

-No down time.

-Pain free.

-Infrared Light Therapy BenefitsIncreases RNA and DNA synthesis- this helps damaged cells renew more efficiently.

-Increases Lymphatic system activity- research has shown that lymph vessels can double during light exposure.

Find out more about Essence Of L Medi Spa in White Rock BC by going to their website:

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