Ergonomic Vertebrae Support Office Chair For Back Pain Reduction Launched

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A new ergonomic home office chair specially designed by renowned chiropractor Dr Dennis Colonello has been launched. This unique work chair has been designed to provide maximum spinal support by cradling the lower back and supporting all thirty-three vertebrae.

The Backstrong Work Chair has been launched, bringing a new level of comfort to home office workers through its revolutionary ergonomic design. The chair has been created by a top chiropractor, Dr Dennis Colonello, to correct the poor posture and subsequent strain that prolonged periods of sitting can put on the back.

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The chair ensures all 33 vertebrae in the back are optimally supported whilst sitting at a workstation and allows free pelvic movement to promote flexibility. The result of maintaining enhanced posture throughout the working day is greatly reduced neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Many office workers endure the discomfort of chronic back pain caused by poor posture and inadequate back support resulting from long hours spent sitting in poorly designed office chairs.

There is growing scientific evidence that there needs to be more flexibility in the way people sit at computer workstations. While there is no one correct way to sit at a desk, seating should support postures that can be changed frequently to keep muscles working, improve flexibility and stimulate circulation.

The new Backstrong Work Chair has been designed to create the ideal working posture to ensure maximum all-day comfort. The highly versatile design can also be easily adjusted to accommodate workers of different sizes.

The chair will reduce neck and shoulder strain while sitting. It ensures an ideal posture is maintained while also allowing free movement to increase flexibility even while reaching across the desk. The advanced design will also stimulate circulation to reduce fatigue and muscle strain due to long hours of sitting.

The chair is highly supportive of the lower spine and forces workers to maintain good posture by gently pushing a natural curvature into the lower spine. This effectively ensures users are sitting up straight all day.

More importantly, it moves with them as they lean forward or back, keeping their vertebrae in alignment. Its ergonomic features softly cradle the lower back to relieve crucial pressure points and improve posture throughout the working day.

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