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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Reports on the Need for Personal Online Reputation Management Reports on the Need for Personal Online Reputation Management

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Individuals cannot be too careful when it comes to their personal online reputation and the removal of mugshots and arrest records is crucial to maintaining a good rep, announces

— Over the past few years, a great deal has been made about businesses and the need for every company owner to manage their organization's online reputation. However, many people never stop to think that a simple Google search can pull up a great deal of information about an individual, even someone who is not in the public eye. When an individual has an arrest record or mugshots, they can probably be found on the internet with nothing more than a basic search. People who have this damaging information in their background need to try to limit the presence of this information, as it can have a negative impact on several areas of their life.

"Imagine doing something stupid while on spring break following high school graduation. This action leads to an arrest and a mugshot being taken. Now, look into the future when it is time to go apply for a job. If the employer sees this information, he or she may rethink the job offer. Individuals find they are in this situation all too often, and we can be of help," Ryan Burdziak, spokesperson for, reports.

Mugshot removal isn't something many individuals think about until it becomes an issue. However, people need to be proactive and have this step taken before it does cause a problem. What many people don't realize is once the information is out there, the damage may already be done. Employers in the same industry could talk and share this information, so the sooner this step is taken the better it will be for the individual.

"Don't let one stupid mistake ruin your life. Finding information about a person has never been easier thanks to the internet. A person's online reputation is just as important as the reputation of a business. People often assume burying the mugshot is enough, but it isn't. The only way to ensure this information is not in the public eye is to have it removed completely, and this is exactly what we do," Burdziak continues.

Removing the mugshot from the original site may not be enough. Individuals need to make certain the image is removed from all sites. Furthermore, any mention of the arrest needs to be deleted, and this information may be on multiple sites also. This is true even when the criminal record has been expunged or dismissed, the individual was found not guilty or the record was sealed. The responsible parties are not required to remove the mugshot and/or arrest record. This is where can be of help.

"We offer a money back statement of work so you can feel confident using our service. In addition, the terms and conditions are transparent, as you need to know what you are getting when you choose our company. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we will work with you until you are comfortable that the matter has been resolved," Burdziak states.


Erase was launched to give people the ability to remove mugshots and arrest records from the internet. Arrest records will always be accessible at the government records depot and local courthouses, but that does not mean they have to be accessible through a basic Google search. The company offers a total removal solution for arrest records and associated images (mugshots) online. All projects are guaranteed by a money back statement of work. The terms and conditions are transparent and the company works with individuals until they are satisfied as a client. looks forward to being able to help individuals deal with this matter.

Contact Info:
Name: Ryan Burdziak
Email: Send Email
Address: 50 Main Street, Sarasota, Florida 34237
Phone: 866-601-6803

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