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EnVision Unlocks 20 Sessions of Content to Help People Thrive With Visualization

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EnVision unlocks 20 sessions of their stress relief and goal-related content for the foreseeable future

— During these uncertain times, it’s really important that people can shift their mental states from anxiety, worry and doubt to find peace and balance. To help people do this, EnVision, the breakthrough visualization app, has unlocked 20 sessions of their stress relief and goal-related content for the foreseeable future.

The EnVision team believe that, even as the pandemic continues, it is possible to not only survive but also to thrive. The first step is to find gratitude. Gratitude is the antidote to fear; people can't be in a fear-based state when in a state of gratitude. To find gratitude, EnVision encourages people to pause and think about what they already have in their lives in order to shift into a positive state.

Now is the perfect time to reflect and look forward to the future. Forward-thinking and preparing for a brighter future is a really optimistic and hopeful thing to do and it builds confidence as it allows people to take a little more control in what life has to offer. It is this imagination of the future that really helps people through unsettling times.

About EnVision App

EnVision is designed to bring visualization to as many people as possible. This success tool is the perfect way to help people achieve their goals and live the life they truly desire. Visualization is the process of creating images within the mind; it helps people to create a vision for the life they truly want. Successful practice uses specific visualizations to empower people to make their vision a reality. To date, EnVision app has had 50,000 downloads, and it receives over 6,000 monthly active users.

When practiced effectively and systematically using the proper techniques, visualization can have a profound effect on productivity, performance and wellbeing. This is why visualization is widely used by business leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities and speakers: to increase their performance and make the internal changes needed to achieve the levels of success they aspire to.

The EnVision team have taken all the complexity of visualization and transformed it into an easy-to-use mobile app. They have combined the techniques in a unique way, maximizing their effectiveness and simplifying everything. So, instead of hiring an expensive performance coach or trying to create a practice from complicated and abstract books, all EnVision’s customers need to do is select the content they want and press play.

All EnVision’s content is tailored to address specific problems and outcomes. The free mobile app offers 150+ 10-15 minute audio guided visualization sessions. EnVision also offers free introductory content for everyone to learn the basics. To continue the journey, customers can also select a paid premium subscription. However, in this unprecedented time, EnVision has unlocked 20 Stress Relief and Goal-Related visualization sessions in the app, including the very relevant Stress Relief, Anxiety, Reset, Feeling Less Panicked and Overwhelmed sessions. Further sessions, including Letting Go, Loving and Kindness, Joy, Daybed on the Beach and Lake House sessions have also been made available.

For more information about EnVision please contact Elliott Lyons on (1) 630 607 8008 or by email to Please address any postal queries to EnVision Meditation, Inc: 5280 Vallejo Way, Denver, CO 80221 and check out their app

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Organization: EnVision
Address: 5280 Vallejo Way, Denver, CO 80221
Phone: (1) 630 607 8008


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